28 Weeks Later vs. Dawn of the Dead



My favorite zombie sequels, Dawn of the Dead wins by a long shot though, classic movie that's more about culture than politics. Oddly enough it's still a relevant commentary 30 years later.

28 weeks later is a good sequel very fast paced and the action is great but Dawn of the Dead is the superior film still relevant all these years later a classic horror film

Bigger budget, gorier, yet somehow less scary sequels to some truly frightening, claustrophobic, groundbreaking zombie films. Yeah, I'd take 28 Days Later and Night of the Living Dead over either of these. As to the sequels, 28 Weeks is currently higher on my chart, but I think I'm about to reverse that. I guess I feel like Dawn does more to change up the formula of its predecessor, while staying truer to its logic. As to which movie's characters make stupider decisions, it's a toss-up.

Zombie sequel match-up! If it were actually Days vs Dawn - it might be a tougher decision, but Dawn would still win that match as well.