Terminator Salvation vs. Terminator 2: Judgment Day



one of the best action movies ever vs. the piece of crap that disgraced it. T2, and by about a 1500 movie margin

What a joke! The great Terminator film (T2) VS the AWFUL mockery.

obviously T2 is the greatest action movie ever and is VASTLY superior to Salvation but i actually don't hate Salvation. i think people are judging it too harshly.

Schwarzenegger over Bale

What is this whole Terminator Salvation? I vaguely remember something, but I guess my self defence system has erased all of my memories of that dreadful evening.

Even if Salvation hadnt wasted over half the screentime on Worthington instead of Bale, it would still get its ass beat by T2

T2 is my choice here but I will say that I really enjoyed Terminator Salvation as well.

Leave Terminator to Schwarzenegger, & Batman to Bale !

Hasta La Vista T4...

It's a shutout ladies and gentlemen 10-0.

T2 is amazing but I loved salvation dont get the hate

T2 > T1 >>> salvation > T3 >>> genyshits >> the franchise's dark fate