The Grand Budapest Hotel vs. The Royal Tenenbaums



Tenenbaums is fantastic, but Anderson's latest is a masterpiece.

Grand Budapest Hotel.

I know so many people think the new one is fantastic, and it absolutely is, but The Royal Tenenbaums was perfect in every way as far as I am concerned. I have a strong allegiance to it for sure.

He's such an evolved film maker! But has the same heart delivered... I wanna go with Tenenbaums because I've spent more time with it... Arrrggghhh!

The Royal Tenenbaums Is His Best Work But Also His Most Emotional Work So It Easily Is Better Than Grand Budapest Especially Sense Budapest Took A While To Grow On Me.

Tenenbaums is my favorite Wes Anderson film.

The Grand Budapest Hotel easily. Is the Wes Anderson's masterpiece

For the longest time I like Grand Budapest more. But the more and more I watched the Royal Tenenbaums and peeled back its layer, I began to like it and its style even better.