The Grand Budapest Hotel vs. Moonrise Kingdom



Wes did it. He improved on his excellent Moonrise Kingdom with his delightful 4:3 fairy tale.


Both very good but I feel Moonrise just edges it

Although Moonrise Kingdom is a good film, its plot and characters are a little bit weak. The Grand Budapest Hotel on the other hand had a very interesting plot and charming, witty writing and is overall a pretty big improvement to Moonrise Kingdom.

The Grand Budapest Hotel was underwhelming. Which is strange to say the least, because it looks and feels almost exactly the same as Moonrise Kingdom. Yet because it's so artifical, so fast-paced and so "precise", it's hard to get any emotional investment out of it. Moonrise Kingdom had an artificial feel to it as well, yet its characters and situations were far more relatable, and because it was slightly slower paced it was easier to get emotionally invested in the story and its characters. The Grand Budapest Hotel looks incredible and it is a good film mostly because of that, yet it lacks the soul that made Moonrise Kingdom great.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a great film, while I found Moonrise Kingdom very cheesy and boring, Budapest was quirky, fast paced, and very funny. I really enjoyed Budapest, Moonrise Kingdom was overrated.

Just recently watched Budapest and really liked it but I do prefer Moonrise Wes Anderson is excellent

Budapest Hotel.

With each passing film, Wes Anderson refines himself and his singular vision even more. That's not to say his films have grown progressively better, although that has been the case from The Darjeeling Limited on until now. What I mean to say is that with each passing film he's sharpening his tools even further, squeezing all he can out of every film. How much that is varies from film to film, obviously, but I can no longer envision one of his films leaving me anything but contented. Even if all else is lacking, from an aesthetic standpoint alone I'm in awe; his vision and my own seem so compatible, so in sync that it's almost as if we see through the same set of eyes. The Grand Budapest Hotel is, personally, the most aesthetically satisfying film I've ever seen. Combine that with him skewing more zany, which is what he does best, after a relatively grounded affair in Moonrise Kingdom, and you have a contender for a new favorite... pending a rewatch of both it and Rushmore. For now, it stays a couple spots below Anderson's second film, but since once of the shortest paths to my heart, for both movies and television shows, is through my eyes, I imagine Rushmore won't be able to help but fall short in that comparison. Just as Moonrise Kingdom now does; while it is just as visually refined as The Grand Budapest Hotel, it is somewhat muted in that sense much the same as it's muted in another sense (re: zaniness). That being said, only The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Fantastic Mr. Fox, undoubtedly his two most ambitious films, particularly from a visual standpoint, can truly compete in that arena. In short, The Grand Budapest Hotel is Anderson operating at full power in all respects, especially visually, and though the same could be said of Moonrise Kingdom, there's simply less there, meaning refined or not it cannot match the tour de force that is The Grand Budapest Hotel.

There Was Something Slightly Off About Moonrise Kingdom While Grand Budapest Was Incredible.

I'll go with 2014's best and Wes Anderson's masterpiece

Yep, definitely the second copy of second will

Anderson is at his best for me when he goes all out with his style, which is why Grand Budapest and Fantastic Mr. Fox are my favorites of his. Moonrise is good, but I love The Grand Budapest Hotel.