High and Low vs. Seven Samurai



Despite its staggeringly long running time, Seven Samurai is pretty entertaining from beginning to end. High and Low, on the other hand, gets rather boring once the child is saved. Easy choice...

High and Low is my favorite Kurosawa film. It's powerful, compelling, interesting, and very mature. I actually found the police procedural part of it more exciting than the first hour. I still love Seven Samurai, though.

I just love High and Low. It gets the edge here...

"High and Low" is a phenomenal police procedural and one of the most gripping viewings I've ever had. A pity that it fails to be remembered alongside "Seven Samurai", "Ikiru", "Rashomon" and "Yojimbo" as Kurosawa's best.

I love both and they're both among Kurosawa's absolute best. The 7 prevail.

Honestly, I prefer High and Low. Of course they're both masterpieces, but Seven Samurai has always struck me as less interesting thematically as some of Kurosawa's other films. And besides, I just love a good mystery story.