Moana vs. Frozen



Moana does have some pacing issues, but the worldbuilding is strong and cogent, it's visually inventive as well as being stunning, and the thrust of not only the drama but also the comedy comes from the relationships between the major characters. Oh, and the songs and orchestral score actually sound like they go together. I can't say any of that about Frozen.

Both great Disney musicals but Moana is much better

Reallyy really loved Moana! But Frozen was something special (just like Moana but better) i think Frozen is the best movie, Disney has produced since Mulan

Both are masterpieces but Moana gets the edge due to "Frozen" losing a few points for the rather weak "Fixer Upper" song while "Moana" had no weak songs.


I don't know I wasn't really impressed with the songs from Moana.