There Will Be Blood vs. Zodiac



Two long and intelligent masterpieces with striking imagery. I think the dialog in 'There Will Be Blood' was some of the best ever, though.

There Will Be Blood is a visual masterpiece, but Zodiac is a masterpiece of adaptation (robbed for Best Adapted Screenplay)... I have more predilection towards rewatching Zodiac. It wins.

love both so much. but daniel day lewis alone puts there will be blood on top. i mean, if you beat someone to death with a bowling pin, your a winner in my book.

Such a hard choice.. Both are brilliant.

Two of THE very best from 2007 head to head!


I didnt like zodiac as much as others, I think it's a little overrated. Don't get me wrong, it's a good film but there will be blood is epic! There will be blood all the way!

There Will Be Blood is overrated! It was way too drawn out. Zodiac for the win.


piss off mr. brown, theres a reason why there will be blood was named best of the decade and zodiac was no where near the top 20

I absolutely loved Zodiac.But TWBB is a masterpiece and one for the ages.

Zodiac. Shocked that the VS is this close so far...

ya seb the reason is that critics are a joke nowadays they dont take risks anymore they just say what they think people want to hear. oil = greed and scumbags gravitate towards it since the beginning dont need to waste 2 and a half hours to figure this out. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, memento, dark night, hell even no country for old men would have been a better pick.

Zodiac was more exciting and had some really memorable scenes. TWBB was too drawn out, but I will say that the ending was very shocking. Zodiac wins!


There Will Be Blood all the way.Zodiac was good too but a little too long.

As much as I like Zodiac,TWBB is simply the better film.

I'll stick with TWBB.


Cheers for getting the scores level piccoloking.

Both films are pretty much the same length and offer excellent portrayals over a couple of decades. I am choosing TWBB for its performances.

Both awesome films from 2007. I prefer Zodiac though, more gripping and cohesive.

Zodiac is fantastic, but There Will Be Blood is simply better. Much better acted and better directed overall.

2007 was such an excellent year for film. Zodiac may be top 50 material but There Will Be Blood is top 10.

There Will be Blood, easy enough for me, Zodiac is very good though.

Tough call. I give a slight edge to Zodiac, but they were the two best films of that year.

TWBB, though Zodiac has potential to grow on me. Both fantastic films.

Zodiac. There Will Be Blood had an amazing performance by Daniel-Day Lewis, and an amazing story that really draws you in. Zodiac has all those things, but manages to stay more thrilling and consistent throughout. Funny thing is, I'm pretty sure these movies have the exact same runtime.

I've gotta go with Zodiac, a very under appreciated film in my opinion.

Both are some of the best films of 2007. I think TWBB is the better film here, but Zodiac is fantastic as well.

Both are terrific. I'm giving the win to TWBB, no disrespect to Zodiac though, very little from the 21st Century can top Blood.

everybody calm down they are both long great and wonderful but zodiac had more things going for it but TWBB had better dialogue these are two of my faves but sorry Daniel D Zodiac was more intense PS: TWBB should be PG-13



Zodiac is a great film but There will be blood is one of my favourite films and it's a perfect film. There will be blood is cinema of the highest order

Zodiac definitely wins in my book. It has certainly aged gracefully over the years, and offers a fresh look every viewing.

Bother over-raught thrillers. I'd rather watch Zodiac because it's less punishing and self-important.

two gorgeous, epic masterpieces of american cinema from 2007. i'll take oil! over zodiac

I think Zodiac is a little better in my opinion. Both Are fantastic films probably in my top 4 favorite movies of 2007 Along with No Country for Old men, and Gone Baby Gone 1. Zodiac 2. No Country for Old Men 3. There Will Be Blood 4. Gone Baby Gone

Hey, I think Zodiac is great but it doesn't touch There Will Be Blood.