There Will Be Blood vs. The Master




two incomparable films from an incomparable filmmaker. its an unfair decision, but there will be blood is my favourite film of all time, so TWBB takes it for now. this position may change over time, because the more i think about the master, the more it begins to unravel

How does this match up not have more comments?

I'm almost certain that The Master's impact on me will evolve upon repeat viewings. But, although I loved it the first time around, I have to go with There Will Be Blood which (at least at this time) feels like the more complete, polished work.

Both are masterpieces but I have to go with There Will Be Blood.

The I really liked it, but I'm not quite sure how much. I didn't like it nearly as much as There Will Be Blood, though. It's a little slower, a little more pretentious, less easy to follow and less interesting. I'm not so sure what to make of it right now, but I really liked it...I think. Hm.

There Will Be Blood wins in a landslide. The Master is just a pointless work and doesn't live up to PT's usual standards.

Ill pick the master simply because I love Hoffman and Phoenix. No matter how good TWBB is Daniel Day lewis just bores the hell out of me. Hell he even bored me in The last of the Mohicans not saying he's a bad actor I guess I am just bias.

TWBB for sure, but The Master was still a great film.

TWBB for sure, but The Master was still a great film.

If The Master had a better story I'd pick it but There Will Be Blood was just so haunting. It was truly perfect in my book, The Master wasn't.

I'll go with The Master also. But...that's subject to change.

The Master is wonderful, but There Will Be Blood is my favourite PTA movie.

Both fantastic Paul Thomas Anderson films both with fantastic performances I don't honestly know how much I would like these two films if it was not for the performances I have to go with The Master because I think it's more original than There Will Be Blood but There Will Be Blood is still fantastic with a better performance in my opinion I'll have to rewatch There Will Be Blood but for now it's going to The Master

TWBB is a smidge better, but only because of Daniel Day Lewis's amazing performance.

TWBB has the edge, but these are two of Anderson's best.

There Will Be Blood! The Master is a wonderful film, but TWBB is overall the better film. Daniel Day-Lewis's performance is amazing (most of his performances are)!!

I found There Will Be Blood more powerfull

Oh goodness, two of my favorites... I'm going with the master but only just.

I don't really understand the love for The Master. Not really anything happens in it. There Will Be Blood isn't really my thing but I get how it's good good. The love for Master just befuddles me.

I appreciate The Master for its ambiguity, subtlety, and unusual choice of subject matter. But I don't find it very watchable as a film. There Will Be Blood was a much easier watch for me while being just as thoughtful and intelligent.

I actually really liked the Master for what it addresses regarding ideology and morality. However TWWB is just so enthralling, Daniel Day Lewis is just too good and the plot of TWBB is just a little bit better. But Phillip Seymour Hoffman rivals DDL on each of their performances tbh.

I don't know man. I think I am going with The Master on this one. The Master absolutely blew my mind!! It was so spectacularly dark as if I was in Freddie's shoes going through changes and that cult. I thought I was in the movie lol. Plus it gets better on every rewatch. An out of body experience for me. Plus Joaquin's performance in the movie is THE best of the entire 2010s decade(along with Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler and Mikkelsen in The Hunt). And I love it more than DDL's performance in TWBB as well personally.