There Will Be Blood vs. Mulholland Dr.



I like Mulholland Dr., but not because it tells a story that means all that much to me. It's entertainingly weird and occasionally sexy, and even a tad scary. But it's not a movie I can warm up to all that much. There Will Be Blood isn't exactly loaded with warmth, either, but it is a ripping good epic about two battling egos. Daniel Plainview is a despicably captivating character, and I derive endless satisfaction from watching his rivalry with Eli Friday. I guess I favor Daniel Plainview, but seeing them both get what they deserve is rewarding, and even inspirational.


There Will Be Blood is a rousing epic with great acting. My favorite kind of movie.

Two extremely different movies. Tough to rank one over the other, but in the end i go with Mulholland Dr. for it's original, twisted, artistically sugested plot. There Will Be Blood did it ok for me though.

There Will Be Blood is a brilliant epic, and absolutely one of the definitive epics of our time. I prefer the 'Drive because it leaves me asking for more by the end of it. Mulholland Drive is more intelligent and ambiguous.

TWBB in a close one...

TWBB for me as well, but both are brilliant. I just think that Anderson is a better filmmaker than Lynch.

Is There Will Be Blood THE best film of this decade so far? Maybe...

TWBB is indeed a top movie of the 2000-2010 decade. Memento is my personal favorite for that decade though. Mulholland Dr. is beautifully shot and the plot is twisty and subjective. I love that sort of thing. But Memento is just a smarter film of the two. I prefer Memento over any movie of the modern era, 1970's-present. I know that's considered blasphemy for fans of Godfather 1 & 2, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, etc., but I love me some Memento.

Oops, got sidetracked with Memento and got lost. LOL... TWBB > Mulholland Dr.

This is really tough. Both are great, but there were more slower moments in TWBB than MD. Mulholland wins.

Mulholland drive always

I'm not a big fan of the pacing for Blood, plus the weirdness of Mulholland just captivates me more.

Yeah, going solely by critical opinion, I think it's a three-way battle between Mulholland Drive, There Will Be Blood and In the Mood for Love for the best film of the aughts. But Mulholland Drive's acclaim never made sense to me, not because I consider it a bad film, but because it's a film that invariably elicits wildly different, subjective interpretations -- the way it was probably intended by Lynch. So essentially, there's a good chance the critics deemed Mulholland Drive a masterpiece for totally different reasons, with the common denominator being the fact that almost all of them loved the individual "experience" of watching it. Certainly, it's possible to love a film without fully understanding it, but is it possible to articulate WHY it is you loved it if you didn't understand it? Maybe, maybe not, maybe I'd rather just pick There Will Be Blood.

Mulholland Drive, hands down. It's amazingly dreamy throughout and slowly turns from an innocent story of self-discovery into a full-fledged dive into the subconscious. One of my favorite films of all-time (currently No. 3). TWBB keeps improving in my estimation on each viewing but I still don't quite love it yet. I agree with Roger Ebert in that Daniel Plainview lacks a "Rosebud" to make him a more compelling character. I also don't really understand the ending all that much, but then again I have this issue with some of PTA's other films, like Magnolia. My favorite PTA film is still Boogie Nights which may say more about me than it does about him.

I'd say if you took an American-centric census of critical opinion, there will be blood would probably come out on top; internationally though, mulholland dr and in the mood for love are way ahead of anything else, with yi yi and possibly tropical malady and caché ahead of twbb. Personally I prefer Dr.

Two great films from the 2000s decade. There Will Be Blood gets my vote but I love them both and am grateful that they exist.

Which is and will be more important in 50 years? I think Mulholland Dr will be....