There Will Be Blood vs. Taxi Driver



what a match! Who would win in a fist-fight?

Lonely sociopaths who look down upon the world around them lash out to give their meaningless existence some purpose..... Good stuff.

These two films are really carried by their lead performances. Since I like Daniel Day-Lewis' performance a bit more than Robert De Niro's, I have to lean towards There Will Be Blood in this matchup. Both are good, though.

Taxi Driver.

Gotta go with Taxi Driver. Could be De Niro's best performance ever...

I disagree, but it is what it is. I still think De Niro's best performance is Raging Bull.


thematically very similar. my vote is with TWBB

There Will be Blood. But I can see how this could go either way. Masterpieces galore here!

Both of these are absolute masterpieces...

Taxi Driver. It had the better story and was more interesting and involving, all the while being much more entertaining.

Taxi Driver is the winner in the battle of masterpieces for now.

At this point, I can pretty safely say TWBB is the winner.

Taxi Driver definitely wins. De Niro > Day-Lewis

Taxi Driver is the greatest film of all time...

I should finish watching there will be blood, but it was so slow-paced. And that's coming from someone who loves 2001 a space odyssey

O no here this match up both are amazing films I'll take Scorsese's film here

No wrong choice here. I'll go with There Will Be Blood

top guys films of all time: 1. The Terminator 2 Terminator 2 3. Die Hard 4. Rocky 5. Tombstone 6. Caddyshack 7. Lethal Weapon 8. Predator 9. Jaws 10. Alien 11. Aliens 12.Full Metal Jacket 13. The Shining 14. Dirty Harry 15. Cool Hand Luke 16. Braveheart 17. Bullitt 18. The Good the Bad and the Ugly 19. First Blood 20. Apocalypse Now 21. The Godfather 22. The Sting 23. Return of the King 24. Star Wars 25. The Fugitive 26. Blazing Saddles 27. Spartacus 28. Casablanca 29. Heat 30. Rio Bravo 31. Scarface 32. The Godfather 2 33. The Dirty Dozen 34. Shane 35. Gladiator 36. Goldfinger 37. The Shawshank Redemption 38. Saving Private Ryan 39. The Graduate 40. The Dark Knight 41. Silence of the Lambs 42. Raiders of the Lost Ark 43. Raging Bull 44. Animal House 45. Iron Man 46. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 47. Death Wish 48. Enter the Dragon 49. The French Connection 50. Mad Max

I Love Bobby D and Scorsese but in this particular matchup.There will be blood beats Taxi Driver by early 1st round knockout. There will be Blood is in my top 10 overall..... Taxi Driver is in my top 10 way overrated movies. De niro was very good, and I realize that performance is critically acclaimed.Having Said that Daniel Day Lewis was even better. Sorry Marty but PTA wins this match up.

Interesting matchup to say the least. I’m more of a Blood-type. Pun intended.

Love taxi driver but There will be blood wins

both american masterpieces, but i'll take anderson over scorsese

There Will Be Blood is an absolute masterpiece, but Taxi Driver


2 of my favorite movies of all time . PTA is my favorite director but Taxi Driver is my favorite film of all time

They are both in my top 10 favourite movies of all time. That's how much i love them. Daniel Day Lewis and Robert De Niro are two of the best actors of all time. Day Lewis performance in twbb is my favourite movie performance by an actor ever. But Travis Bickle is my favourite movie character of all time. PTA is one of the best directors of this generation while Scorsese in his prime was one of the best if not the best director ever. With that being said on Twbb is on number 10 on my list and taxi driver is on 9. So my vote goes for taxi driver . Imagine Daniel Plainview having a conversation with Travis bickle : I drink your milkshake! You talkin to me.

Best performance of the 20th century is up against the best performance of the 21st century. I'll say De Niro just BARELY out acts Day-Lewis but There Will Be Blood is certainly a greater technical achievement. Taxi Driver for me gets edge simply because it explores deeper darker themes and it does so much with very little (budget, length, advertising, economical restrictions, etc).

Bickle shoots Plainview after rejecting his milkshake.