There Will Be Blood vs. The Dark Knight



This is the hardest choice I've ever had to make in my entire life.

Definitely. I h

The Dark Knight is good, but TWBB is epic.

There Will Be Blood was pretty unwatchable for me. It was boring from start to finish. On the other hand, The Dark Knight was exciting the whole way through.

I've said it before and I'll gladly repeat it, The Dark Knight was nothing more than a summer blockbuster and a sloppy one at that. There is not comparison.

TDK was awesome, but TWBB is fracking amazing. I think i´ll be quoting Daniel Plainview for the rest of my life.

TWBB has a few really great moments, but as a whole it was kinda dull and patchy. Dark Knight was just great all the way through. Amazing ensemble cast too.

TDK was pop entertainment for the ADD crowd. THERE WILL BE BLOOD was a rich work of art with moral sophistication on a level Chris Nolan will never match, no matter how many times he does trendy remixes of old ideas.

Both of these are too long, but I think I'll go with TWBB

Everyone seems to like one and hate the other. I like both, but imho TDK is more consistently enjoyable.

There Will Be Blood. Definitely.

Good to see TDK losing something for a change. One of its votes should even be on the TWBB side according to the comment! But yeah, this one is TWBB easily.

You bastards

TDK=fun summer movie TWBB=timeless classic

Each of these is among the best work of their respective directors, and each contains a bravura performace. Ledger is pitch perfect as the Joker and re-writes that character with every line, never making the easy choice and always making the Joker his own, rather than performing a known idea of that archetype. DDL's Plainview is like Citizen Kane on an New Hollywood set; a character like we saw in the 70's in Coppola, Scoscese and Polanski flims: larger than life and paying no heed to what the popular response might be. While Nolan is Anderson's equal technically, Anderson is working on more emotional planes more deeply. There Will be a Winner.

For me The Dark Knight attained the goal of what it was trying to be better than TWBB. The Dark Knight was easily one of the best superhero movies ever, while TWBB was not one of the best epics ever.

I think "Daniel Plainview" should replace "Marco Polo" as the swimming pool game.

Both great, both overrated. I enjoy TDK more.

GAH! this is really unfair, lets see saw both over the same summer, both are pretty epic...ah hell with it, There Will Be Dark Knight!

Hm, switching to There Will Be Blood for now.

The Joker has my tounge but My vote is swinging to Daniel Plainview.l


As good as the dark knight is, I've seen it so many times now that it's starting to feel a little tedious. TWBB on the other hand becomes greater each time I view it and will stand the test of time as long as greed continues to resonate throughout American life. Both great but definitely TWBB!


Why is it that in every matchup the lower ranked film seems to win a lot. Why is the dark knight ranked no. 1? It's pretty apparent that a lot of the members on this website are completely ignorant if the dark knight is the best film on the global rating list. There will be blood is far superior which is evident by the way the voting is going at the moment

There's a difference between individual users and the mass of users that put The Dark Knight at #1. I have There Will Be Blood ranked higher than Dark Knight on my personal list, but I'm just one person. I guess if every single user commented on this matchup then Dark Knight would be the winner.


Yeah, and a lot of people don't like TWBB but most people like tdk. It's mor of a popularity list rather than a critically formed list

TDK. Didn't like TWBB one little bit.

The Dark Knight...mostly because Zeus saves the day on the boat.

TDK. As great as Day-Lewis is, the Joker resonated more with me as a performance.

There Will Be Blood for me.I loved TDK as well.But when you have P.T. Anderson's direction,DDL's acting and Johnny Greenwood's beautifully haunting score,you've got a classic.

The Dark Knight. As much as I love TWBB, I gotta give it to The Joker over Daniel Plainview.

The Dark Knight is good but this is not even close!!!

The Dark Knight is good but this is not even close!!!

The Dark Knight is good but this is not even close!!!

The Dark Knight is good but this is not even close!!!

TWBB the DK is overrraaaated!

2 amazing movies, But Dark Knight is close to my heart, so I'd chose that one!

There will be vengeance, there will be greed, THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

Gary Oldman's moustache can't compete with Daniel Day-Lewis' moustache. Just sayin'.

There Will Be Blood has a better lead performance. But in terms of execution, entertainment and plot, Dark Knight is the winner.

Ledger's performance was actually better than DDL's.

The Dark Knight is an absolute masterpiece of cinema, an iconic classic of pop culture, and a phenomenal triumph of storytelling that harkens back to the days of Lawrence of Arabia and the Godfather, easily the best comic book film ever put to celluloid and the greatest story ever associated with the comic book medium itself, Ledger is officially the Joker and anyone who tries to take the crown from him in the future is going to end up being regarded as a pale imitation. There Will Be Blood is also a classic with yet another sensational performance by Daniel Day-Lewis combined with Paul Thomas Anderson's unique directing style that allows Daniel to make the best use of long cuts ever used in a PTA film. Overall, I feel that Ledger and Day-Lewis are the best out of their respective films, yet The Dark Knight has a stronger supporting cast and thus, Ledger doesn't have to carry as much as Daniel.

slight edge goes to Dark Knight.


um....why is this hard for people?

I have to watch both these films again (I've seen TWBB once, but TDK many times). I think for now I'll choose There Will Be Blood, actually.

The Dark Knight. I really enjoyed There Will Be Blood, but The Dark Knight was spectacular. Y most fun theater experience by far. There Will Be Blood had poor pacing. Even though the acting may have been a bit better (Daniel-Day Lewis), TDK gets the easy win.

Two quality films here. I choose TDK.


TWBB was better, TDK is not.....

While neither of these films are among my favorite films ever made, I can appreciate and respect both of them. That being said, The Dark Knight is a better film...

The Dark Knight is a good superhero movie but There Will Be Blood is one of the best movies of the 2000s. If this was another Christopher Nolan movie like Memento this match up would be much harder.

Close, but TWBB wins

Dark Knight gets this one fairly easily for me

There will be blood is an all-round better movie. Even though the dark knight is more rewatchable

There Will Be Blood is far much better.

There Will Be Blood by miles. the dark knight is rotten crap but overrated.

There Will Be Blood by miles. the dark knight is rotten crap but overrated.

There Will Be Blood by miles. the dark knight is rotten crap but overrated.

TDK for sure.

There Will Be Blood by far.

I switched to the dark knight.

For now it’s the dark knight.

both great movies but TWBB 4 me

Just adding another comment so there is 69 comments.

Both are in my Top 3 favorite films of the 21st century, neither is number one. This is one of those personal preference vs. technical truth match-ups. TWBB is a better film, but I enjoyed TDK more. So because of this, I have to decide which film I would rather take to a desert island. In that case, TDK wins but TWBB still holds more artistic richness regardless. No Country for Old Men beats both though.

Looking back at this match-up considering I've only seen them twice (Ik blasphemy) but it really surprised that I didn't even mention Day lewis and Ledger's performances. Both definitely deserved their academy recognition and awards. I hate having to compare those two because they are truly equal in my eyes. But if I had to say who was more impressive in their acting ability, then I would say........................ Daniel by literal fractios, just because of his complex morals and deep character development.

There Will Be Blood is easily the better film. TDK is a top 50 film, TWBB is a top 10 film (at least for me). It does literally everything better from editing, pacing, and cinematography to its storytelling as well.

Upon rewatching both, I think TWBB is still a much better film than TDK. Better cinematography, editing, and even acting. Daniel Day-Lewis' performance is likely even better than Ledger's performance as the Joker, and everything else about TWBB also works to an outstanding degree. So yeah, TWBB ftw