There Will Be Blood vs. Oldboy



they are such different movies its really hard...

Oldboy was better as a first viewing. I watched the entire film with my jaw on the floor. Everything that happened was a surprise. The hammer fight scene is unmatched. There Will Be Blood is has better staying power for me, however. Follow up viewings have proven to yield unexpected satisfaction and unexpected depth. Oldboy, without the feeling of surprise and newness, looses a little bit of its charm.

this oddly has been one of my hardest choices yet and i am 1049 ranking in so far.

Oh Dae Su!

To fantastic movies, but still it's easy to choose oldboy

This is my number 3 vs. my number 5. Damn, what a pairing!


Oldboy it is....

oldboy easy choice for me


I know that kinda was the point but I felt like taking a shower after watching Oldboy. It left a really bad taste in my mouth. The twist was mind-blowing upon initial viewing but the film loses its lustre once you know what's coming. There Will be Blood is more rewatchable and also the better film in my opinion. It wins this bizarre match-up.


Both are absolutely incredible films. My choice is TWBB.

TWBB, but I love Oldboy as well

Both fantastic movies of the 2000s but I think There Will Be Blood is better, especially from a technical standpoint.


There will be blood is the finest movie I have ever seen...hence

I love em both...but it's just something with TWBB that I could never seem to make anything else my measuring scale of the highest appreciation of a movie