There Will Be Blood vs. The Incredibles



on 4/3/2010

This is far more difficult a choice than you'd think.

on 9/24/2010

I...have no idea how to answer this one.

on 9/24/2010

while I did think Daniel Day Lewis gave an amazing performance in There Will Be Blood the movie itself sucks in comparison to the Incredibles

on 10/20/2010

I have to go with Incredibles... There Will be Blood needs to be in my top 20, but I don't think I can choose it over the incredibles.

on 12/30/2010

It's really difficult because the movies are so different in so many ways. Both are quite good, but the Incredibles was better in my opinion.

on 10/3/2011

Definitely There Will Be Blood. The Incredibles is one of my favourite Pixars - amazing design with a passable story and great comedy. But There Will Be Blood is on an entire different level of art.

on 10/3/2011

What is this 'art' you speak of?


on 10/3/2011

Easily there will be blood! Best film of the decade!

on 6/28/2014

There Will Be Blood.No hesitation.

on 6/29/2014

There Will Be Blood is such a more better film than Incredibles

on 8/9/2014

incredibles...too many blood nut huggers....the movie puts you in a coma, not that impressive for a near best picture

on 6/4/2015

TWBB,as much as I love it, and I do love it, but it does tend to drag on. Contrarily, every scene in the Incredibles feels necessary.

on 6/29/2015

4 animated films beat There Will Be Blood. Incredibles is one of them without second thought.

on 11/21/2016

There Will Be Blood in a close one