There Will Be Blood vs. Return of the Jedi



wow, do i go against the Force in favor of an unbelievable performance.........the force wins


I'll go there will be blood!

I'd say the Force was brushed aside for muppets and slapstick by the time Return of the Jedi came around. I'm not a huge Sci-Fi fan or die hard Star Wars apologist or a slave to nostalgia or whatever else a person needs to be to actually consider Jedi a good movie. So much of the film is just plain awful and uninspired that the few decent scenes are overwhelmed by the wave of crap. Jedi is the least about the Force out of the whole original trilogy. There Will Be Blood doesn't even need to be that good to beat Jedi. It is very good, however, which makes the even the thought of choosing Jedi cringe-worthy in the extreme.

Going with RotJ cos all of the Star Wars beats TWBB

There Will Be Blood beats to pulp all the Star Wars films.

Daniel Plainview is pretty bad ass. Probably more bad ass than the Ewoks. But not bad ass enough to beat Jedi.

Return of the Jedi of course.

PiccoloKing can suck my lightsaber

I'm not into that kind of shit, pandafag.

Damn newbies ain't got no respect...

Jedi. No hesitation.

I think the main reason why I liked There Will Be Blood so much is because of Daniel Day Lewis's performance in it I don't know I really need to re watch it but no matter what it's always going to be return of the jedi sorry Daniel

Really surprised by the results in this discussion. I didn't realize Jedi had so much support.

Return of the Jedi is fun, but hardly on the same level as the other films in the Star Wars trilogy. The acting is worse, the story is simply a rehash of the first film with a few adjustments, the Leia-is-your-sister scenes are poorly executed and unconvincing as a result ("Leia...we're brother and sister" "Y'know, that you said makes sense" Seriously, that's it? Really?). The Ewoks weren't the biggest problem, although they certainly didn't help. The scenes on the Death Star are really good, but everything else is so...blah. Watered down, simplified and too familiar. TWBB is a masterclass of directing and acting, and one of my favorite films.

There Will Be Blood.

There will indeed be blood... much blood.



There Will Be Blood takes the easy win here, those new characters in Jedi of Nein Numb, Admiral Ackbar and the ewoks are so ridiculous and annoying.

robmoviefilms13 ur just another dumb star wars fanboy, nothing in that saga can beat TWBB

too many star wars fanboys here