There Will Be Blood vs. Apocalypse Now



I can't do this. This is a purely evil choice... An auteurist masterpiece from '79, or an auteurist masterpiece from '08? GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! This is too hard.


Two fantastic films and one painful choice.

I think there is only one thing that can seperate these two very good movies: the music. The opening to Apocalypse now is nigh on impossible to beat. Well, my beautiful friends I can say no more. This is the end.

I strongly considered There Will be Blood but ended up deciding on probably the best war film of all-time. The decision of this matchup could very well change over time.


Both Are masterpieces in their own regard. I rather schindlers lost over apocalypse now and there will be blood is one of my personal favorites. There will be blood all the way!

Apocalypse Now is on a higher level

Either way, I feel both are near masterpieces. But I feel Daniel Day Lewis' performance is one of the best performances I have ever seen; well, this and My Left Foot. There Will Be Blood wins here for me.

There Will Be Blood, but I agree that both are (near) masterpieces.

I think I need to see Apocolypse Now again. But for the moment, There Will Be Blood is my choice.

They are close and both brilliant. I think I'll go with TWBB.

TWBB is boring as hell. AN wins here by a mile.

TWBB....though neither are near the top of my personal preferences...

Some people astonish me with your choices....God almighty.

Yeah, fuck opinions!

There Will Be Blood wasn't boring, or at least not to everyone. Just like Apocalypse Now comes across as bloated and heavy-handed to me personally. I know not everyone interprets the repetitive "war is hell" narration as overkill like I do. There's enough "war is hell" imagery to drive that point home. Yet Martin Sheen won't shut up about it. By the end, everyone is just mumbling about the same crap. Not to say I entirely dislike Apocalypse. There Will Be Blood was just better.

Close. But I'm voting Apocalypse Now

Yes, both ARE masterpieces, but There Will Be Blood is the one that I think about more.

Very very close both amazing maybe Coppola

AN is slightly better imo

2 of the all time greatests

AN abuses TWBB

There Will Be Blood

Both are masterpieces but I get more out of There Will Be Blood

Horror of the human spirit this match-up... Darkness of the soul reified :(

Both great films but Coppola's classic gets the nod

Apocalypse now wins this due to more rewatch value and only that

Both are top 100. It's that.

Apocalypse Now. Very close though.

Apocalypse Now is on a higher level. Blood is fantastic but it simply cannot compete with Apocalypse Now.

Two movies that contend for greatest movie of all time for most of their duration, but where each film differs is with their endings. Where Apocalypse Now loses steam in the last half hour, There Will Be Blood has the one of the greatest ending scenes in movie history. The winner is There Will Blood

both are excellent, but i prefer there will be blood

There Will Be Blood is a better film.


Both memorable trended masterpieces, but there will be blood gets the highest edge here.