There Will Be Blood vs. Boogie Nights



My two favorite P.T. Anderson films square off. This will be a ranking that will flux back and forth over the years. Until the day when I can finally decide which is greater.

There was a time when I considered Boogie Nights the better film but for now it looks like Blood beats out Boogie

That's a terrible choice. Both are perfect!

Boogie Nights had all the suppressed, docile, 'not gettin any' movie folk creaming. "Hey it's a movie about porn! Cognitive Dissonance that shit and let's enjoy it. That way we'll be thought of as sooo progressive man." Never mind that it's dull hey? Porno rocks, Boogie doesn't even boogie. Average.

There Will Be Blood is amazing. Boogie Nights might be more entertaining, but There Will Be Blood is nearly a perfectly made film and has Daniel Day-Lewis in possibly his best role (which is saying something) so There Will Be Blood takes this one.

Daniel Day-Lewis' performance pushes There Will Be Blood far ahead of Boogie Nights. I will give Boogie Nights credit for being so damn quotable, though ("You know, people tell me I kind of look like Han Solo").

And I quote Tarantino: "I prefer the exuberance of Boogie Nights, to There Will Be Blood". I kinda agree with him, Boogie Nights is more entertaining.

I'm going with TWBB. That is a tough movie to beat, though I probably should re-watch Boogie Nights, for that too is an outstanding movie.

These are the only two films I've seen from PTA so far and I loved both. I also have to agree with my boy Quentin though, Dirk Diggler gets the win.

There Will Be Nudity in Boogie Nights. Just know what your getting into...

Two of the best Paul Thomas Anderson films. Personally I'd say Boogie Nights, but There Will Be Blood is a masterpiece.

When I watch There Will Be Blood: "I understand why this movie is great.' When I watch Boogie Nights: "I understand why this movie is significant."