Dallas Buyers Club vs. Mud



Matthew McConaughey was a terrible actor with poor performances in several bad films and even worse performances in some good films. But a funny thing happened when he took some time off from acting...tremendous scripts came in and he got better. Much better. Mud is a great performance, but Dallas Buyers Club is one of the great performances of any actor in a long time. By miles, the best performance of his career.

Matthew McConaughey was damn good in A Time To Kill and Lincoln Lawyer. He just needs good scripts to shoot. He got two right here...

Yeah. Not only dkes Dallas feature the better McConaughey performance, but it also features the best script, direction, pcing and whatever else. Not to be unfair to Mud, but Dallas is fantastic.

Dallas was a good, but challenging movie. Mud on the other hand is fantastic. A beautiful story that is wonderfully made.


Dallas has the best performance of McConaughey and it is his best film.