Zootopia vs. Finding Dory



One assumes the Oscar for Best Animated Feature will be a slug fest between these two. For me, though, it's not even close. Finding Dory has a better message, characters, humor, etc. Zootopia, like about half of what Disney's put out in recent years, has its moments, yet loses me completely partway through.

Zootopia for the win. Nemo, Marlin and Dory are overrated.

I thought that they both had good messages, great characters and good humour and heart. Pretty even, but I definitely enjoyed Zootopia more, so I'll go with that.

Finding Dory. Zootopia is good, but I feel that Zootopia's story and characters felt too small for it's setting and thus I got a sense of wasted space. Finding Dory's setting is relative smaller in comparison and thus allows for tighter storytelling and characterization.

Zootopia deserves the win this year by leaps and bounds. Its originality, world-building, and powerful themes are making it perhaps my favorite Disney film of all time. It practically gives rhyme and reason to many of the animal-featured Disney films that came before it. Finding NEMO was and still is my favorite Pixar film of all time; it's literally perfect. Finding DORY, however, just didn't do it for me. It's pacing was off, it was all about the destination instead of the journey, consisted of too many awkward out-of-water scenes, and its new characters didn't shine anywhere near as bright as the neglected ones from the original film. I will be SEVERELY disappointed if Finding Dory wins Best Animated Feature come the next Oscars. It will only demonstrate just how much a bias and favor there is toward Pixar, which really doesn't have a very good track record with sequels.

Finding Dory is right up with Toy Story 2 and 3 as one of Pixar's great sequels. Finding Nemo is in my Top 5, so I was worried about it, especially near the beginning when I thought Dory would be too much of a retread of Nemo. I also worried they might pull a Cars 2 by focusing on a side character who is better in small doses. I was thrilled to be wrong. Dory is not quite top-tier Pixar, but it's certainly not lower-tier either. Zootopia, on the other hand, is also excellent. So much so that these two are on a very similar plane for me, and I'm actually not entire sure which to choose in direct competition.

Zootopia easily. Dory had to live up to the memory of Nemo and failed with a muddled story and ridiculous 3rd act. Zootopia told the type of emotional and smart story that is expected from Pixar that Disney initiated with Zootopia and Pixar fell short of with Dory.

Both enjoyable...neither that I would call unforgettable. Small edge to Zootopia...

Tough call... gonna give the edge to zootopia for being original

No matter how good Finding Dory was, Zootopia is better.

Finding Dory might be better than Finding Nemo. Zootopia is troubling and grating - an agenda disguised as a movie. At least it has that Giacchino score.

I'm confused as to what in Zootopia could be considered troubling, but then I recently was told it glorified sexual predators, so god only knows what weird ideas people project onto movies these days. I actually don't think either of these will win the Oscar for Best Animated Film -- Moana will, though Zootopia has a shot. (And I actually preferred Storks to both of these as well, but I don't think it's an objectively superior film, and doubt it will even be nominated.) Personally, though, I do think I preferred Finding Dory. I was very moved by it, and I'd say it's the best PIXAR sequel so far that doesn't have "Toy Story" in the title.

Shocked at all the votes for Dory, Zootopia gets this one easily for me

I'm not too impressed with animated movies these days, it has to be something spectacular like "Kubo and the two strings" to really get me. I'll let the list decide for me on this one, I want super impressed with either of these

Easy. Zootopia is one of the best movies ever made. Finding Dory....was....mediocrely average. Was not impressed

Zootopia is the best of 2016. It deserves its Oscar. However, Moana should have won best in Original Song. Kubo and the Two Strings, was terrible, it really only deserved VFX.

Both of them are lame but Zootopia was kinda dope in a sense due to being original.