Zootopia vs. Moana



moana is a very enjoyable film, but the impact Zootopia had on me was just something that is more memorable than moana

Zootopia with the edge...

Zootopia falls into that rare "So good it's bad" category for me (Movie that doesn't really do anything wrong, but still fails to click with me) so edge to Moana

I had a lot more fun with Zootopia

Zootopia was more universal in its storytelling, plus the humour was more broad. As such, Zootopia is the better movie.

Zootopia is better

Zootopia is the best CG animated film Disney have made.

I liked Zootopia for the quality of the animation and the characters are likeable enough but it's a pretty predictable story. Moana outshines it in pretty much every way.