John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum vs. John Wick: Chapter 2



Definitely going with chapter 3 here.

The second one is still my favorite of the franchise.

Definitely the 2nd for me...

Both are great movies and although 2 may have a stronger 3rd act and a better ending, ultimately 3 is better overall.

3 is still good, but I think it's my least favorite. 2 has some more memorable individual sequences. The original trumps them both (just a little) with its freshness.


Chapter 3 is no longer connected to the original except its violence quotient. It is incoherent storytelling and a game boy's video game on steroids


Part 3 for the lore

Chapter 3 comfortably, it has better pacing and a strong supporting cast.


John Wick Chapter 3.

I think 3 is objectively the worse of the franchise, 2 all the way.

Chapter 3 is better than the first two

Am I the only one who think the first one is still the best in the franchise so far...? Anyway, between 2 and 3, I'll take 3 because of slightly better pacing and just overall more enjoyable action scenes imo

I also like the first most, don't worry you're not alone. I'd take 3 it could switch after a rewatch