Morbius vs. Spider-Man 3



Both are bad movies, Spider-Man 3 is straight completely garbage though

Spider-Man 3 gets waaaaaaaaay too much hate. Is it flawed? Yeah, sure. Is it on the same level of crap as Morbius? Not even close.

spiderman 3 is at least entertaining.

Spider-Man 3 has many many good moments and a great cast. Morbius has neither.

morbius is like the most harmless movie ever. there's nothing exceptionally good or bad, ppl hate it because of how it was marketed and i understand.

Spidey 3 is far from perfect, but it has a lot more going for it than Morbius... I'll take flawed sincerity over forgettable generic mediocrity any day!

Oh, and PS: Tobey Maguire's emo dance wasn't even half as cringeworthy as whatever Matt Smith was doing during that one scene!

Sony's worsts going head to head

SM3 is about 5000 times better. Morbius was SO bad. It's as if the people at Sony decided to turn Morbius in to some sort of fifth grade classroom project. The movie honestly plays as if they paired off a classroom of fifth graders and had each pair write a scene. Then, they shuffled all the pages together and handed them to a director to shoot. Nothing is coherent and most storylines are nonsensical and even dropped out of nowhere.

I guess I was able to ironically "enjoy" Morbius more?