Menace II Society vs. Boyz 'N the Hood



Boyz n the Hood isn't the better movie. Don't get me wrong, it's a great film given its environment and archetypes, but I can't not overlook the glaring flaws in it. Like the over-sentimentalism and its didactic and preachy message, at least Menace II Society focuses on its story, even though it is one that leads up to an anti-climax. I see Boyz N The Hood as the 'Dark Knight Rises' of its sub-genre, it features its share of flaws, but it is immensely entertaining. But still, Menace II Society is the crown jewel of hood films and the more complete experience.

Menace II Society by a mile.

Menace II Society in a big victory.

Shocked by this. Boyz N The Hood is far better in my eyes....

menace ii society is great but i prefer boyz n the hood

Hell no. Boyz 'N the Hood>Menace II Society

Boyz N The Hood, have a great soundtrack, and is more memorable.

While M2S might be the more realistic depiction of life in southcentral LA in the 80s and 90s, it is not the better film. Boyz n the hood is 10 times more entertaining.

Boyz ‘N The Hood was better written, better directed, and better acted. I’ll be the first to say Menace II Society was a steaming pile of melodrama and exaggeration. They made it seem as if every day of the week you will either A) shoot somebody B) or pistol whip somebody C) or get shot D) fight somebody E) or get beat up F) or rob somebody G) or get robbed H) or sell drugs I) or you carjack somebody J) or you get carjacked... I could easily take these hood tropes that one single solitary person experienced in an hour thirty minutes all the way to Z. If this were real life, and Caine was this reckless, he would have been long gone before D. He or any of these characters Sharif aside has no redeemable quality traits. I couldn’t feel sorry for just about anyone leading up to that predictable death. PS. And without Boyz, there would be no Menace.

Boyz n the Hood is far better. Menace II Society seemed as though it couldn't decide whether it wanted to a dark, cautionary tale like Boyz or just a cool gangsta flick. They tried to make you feel for the character of Caine, but it doesn't work as there's no consistency to his character. In one scene, he gets scared shitless over getting nearly convicted as a murderer accomplice, yet he goes right back to robbing and hustling the next scene. The dialogue too, is far too exaggerated in Menace II Society, with every character dropping the n-word and referring to themselves as "my black ass" every other line. There's also an unnecessary sub-plot revolving around unplanned pregnancy that really doesn't have to be there. Boyz n the Hood tells its story simply and concisely, with much more mature writing and better performances and thus, it's the better film.