Rocky vs. Taxi Driver



There's no way Rocky deserved Best Picture for 1976.

I concur.

I love Taxi Driver, but my vote goes to Rocky

It's Philadelphia over New York by a field goal... a split decision!

I love Rocky as much as the next bloke, but come on! It's Taxi Driver! Nothing beats a Scorsese masterpiece, I disagree with the Academy on this one.

Taxi Driver should've won Best Picture. Its better in every way. Travis Bickle > Rocky Balboa

As much as i love rocky( which i really do) taxi driver wins here.But i won't say that rocky didn't deserved best pictutre.It deserved it. But as a movie i like taxi driver a little more

Taxi Driver even though i love Rocky.

Taxi Driver by far

May change with time...but I'm going with Taxi Driver. Thoroughly enjoyed Rocky, but TD was more kind of complete. Robert De Niro was amazing, and Jodie Foster show us a lot of talent. Rocky was very emotional and exciting nevertheless.

My vote goes to Taxi Driver. It's a lot more fun.

I know most people disagree but I never understood why everyone rates this show so high. Scorcese has made 10 movies i like more easily.Other than (You talking to me) Rocky wasnt a masterpiece by any stretch , but when i sit down and watch it........... I ENJOY IT.....The training sequences,The comeback, the music,After 37 years its still fun ..Rocky makes bickle his bitch

As I've mentioned above...ROOOOOOOCKY

Rocky is a great movie, but come on! Taxi Driver is the winner here!

Both in my top 20. Two great character studies! Rocky is one of the most inspirational movies I've ever seen and Taxi Driver is one of the most complex movies I've ever seen. Probably Taxi Driver for its complexity!

don't really care about rocky, taxi driver is great

taxi driver is masterpiece

Rocky destroys DeNoGo's overrated smear.

Rocky is outstanding and Taxi Driver is amazing

If I had friends over, we're watching Rocky but as a film Taxi Driver is superior.

Rocky is hot overrated garbage compared to Taxi Driver