Rocky vs. Batman Begins



Winner by KO in the first Round.... the Italian Stallion.... Roooocky

To the comment prior to mine it may have been a short fight but Batman remains the one left standing.....

Rocky with the stoppage...

Both go the distance, and in this case, I give the victory to Apollo Cree--uh, Batman Begins.

Man, I'm really starting to think Rocky has become incredibly underrated. This matchup isn't close at all. Rocky wins easily.

Rocky wins this with a big left hook but if it was Dark Knight...

Batman Begins. Rocky is pretty fine but I feel I need additional viewings to fall in love with Rocky. There is nothing to dislike about the film even slightly yet for some reason, I just can't bring myself to love it within one viewing. BB took multiple viewings to like, now I find it pretty fantastic!

Love Rocky, but nothing beats Batman or Nolan.

Love Rocky, but Imma fanboy eughurjgvnjuxz


Batman begins his steady defeat by one of the greatest movies ever made.

In what department does Rocky win? Acting? Plot? Characters? Entertainment? Re Watch Value? Just because Rocky is old doesn't make it a Classic. I watched it recently and it was okay. Slow and Cheesy. Sly could never carry a film.

Rocky is a superior movie, period. Better depth, story, emotion and performances. Truly deserving of Oscar.