Rocky vs. Rocky IV



This one really depends on how you like your Rocky. Is he the gritty realisitc Academy Award winner from the mean streets of Philadelphia, or is he the over-the-top Cold War winning superhero that gained the respect of the entire Communist world? Personally, I prefer my Rocky to be screaming "DRAGO!!!!!" from atop a mountain. Rocky IV all the way.

you've got to be kidding me?!!!!!!

I was never really 'blown away' by the original Rocky. The fourth installment on the other hand is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. It's still terrible, but still entertaining. IV!

These are the two best films in the Rocky series. While Rocky IV is great in a 'guilty pleasure' sort of way, Rocky is genuinely GREAT. Cut me, Mick.

Rokcy IV is one of those cheesy 80's movies you can't get enough of. Rocky didn't really amaze me.

As much fun as Rocky IV is, Rocky is the far better film in my opinion.

It's not horrible. Btw, I don't know what made movies bad and good. These are just opinions. Guilty pleasure? Please...

Rocky>Rocky IV

It’s amazing how the Rocky films progressed. From serious to campy to godawful and back to serious. Rocky (the original) is the best in the franchise. Creed is it’s only real competition. It’s a contender for the best drama of all time with one of the best protagonists of all time. Rocky IV has got a LOT of problems. The characters are simplistic, Apollo’s death doesn’t mean anything in the film apart from getting Rocky to fight (it wasn’t until Creed until that scene got any emotional weight), the music doesn’t always fit (the No Easy Way Out montage is unforgivably bad despite being a good song) and I hate how overtly American it is. Despite all this... it wasn’t until last night where I found myself kinda enjoying Rocky IV for the first time (that’s probably thanks to Creed and Creed II though). It’s dumb but in an entertaining way. It has great montages (apart from that one I just mentioned), the final fight is great, I cared when Apollo died for the first time and I loved the snowy Russian setting in the second half. Still Rocky>Rocky IV

Hearts on fire...strong desire rages deep within... the only thing better about Rocky IV is that amazing soundtrack!

ROCKY was the best of the franchise, while ROCKY IV is probably fifth on my list (not including the CREED films).

Still don't understand why Rocky IV was given the golden raspberry award, it's genuinely a great movie. The first one however, wins by K.O.


Rocky was the best of the franchise.