The Silence of the Lambs vs. Se7en



Both good thrillers, and both aspired to be more. For my money, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS was a great thrill, but really had little value beyond its pulpy origins (and I prefer MANHUNTER's Brian Cox in the role of Hannibal Lektor). SEVEN is a mite more sophisticated, even if the sick storyline inspired a punishing number of interior ripoffs. And it has something to say, I think, about desensitization that SILENCE merely contributed to instead of enlightening us about.

The Silence Of The Lambs was waaaay better.

Good match-up. I have to go with Silence, if only because I don't have to take a prozac when it's over.

This is tough as hell decision for me the two great serial killer movies up against each other. I have to go with Silence probably because Anthony Hopkins, but this is one of the toughest choices I've made yet.

So close...but Se7en

I have to say Silence of the Lambs, but Se7en is also awesome.

I'm going with SEVEN (when did it become SE7EN???) because of how deeply disturbed it left me feeling and because no one has dared revisit that universe since. But let it be known, I absolutely LOVE SILENCE.

Im going with Se7en. A really hard match up though I could change opinions

Se7en wins.No contest in my eyes.

David Fincher basically took the best parts of The Silence of the Lambs and made Se7en with it. The Silence of the Lambs has some REALLY awesome moments, like the Lecter escape and the gruesome kills. But the movie feels like a mess sometimes, I had trouble what was going on because the movie directly goes into the plot with a lot of information. 'Starling, go to Hannibal Lecter, he knows about Buffalo Bill'. Hannibal who? What's with this Buffalo Bill guy, why is he so important? And why choose Starling to visit Lecter? I don't know, maybe it's just nitpicking. Another thing is Hannibal Lecter himself. I thought that Anthony Hopkins did an amazing job, but I felt that he massively overshadowed the other characters. So Lecter is so amazing that it becomes a flaw. Buffalo Bill, the MAIN villain, is handled like a side character and doesn't get nearly as much screentime as Lecter. Either make him seem more important than Lecter (so more screentime for Buffalo Bill or less for Hannibal Lecter), or don’t show him until the end (makes the character more mysterious and makes the viewer feel more involved into the story…just like in Se7en!). I also thought there were too many close-ups. Sometimes they worked, but other times they were REALLY unnecessary, especially in the first half of the movie. Now it seems that I’m only bashing the movie, but I still really like it. But in comparison with Se7en…it’s no contest.

Se7en. But two of the best psychological horror movies ever...

Se7en. But two of the best psychological horror movies ever...

2 great movies but for me Se7en is the choice

Not many people think it, but Se7en is actually much better than Silence of the Lambs. Many people will argue and say that Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster give solid performances, but I think the plot of Se7en is far more interesting and intricate.

They're both a little too limited in a gen X thriller type way--I can't really see their appeal anymore. Silence has the edge in my mind for not having Trent Reznor music or silly dripping "x-treeem" font. Though I'll take Kevin Spacey over Hopkins' laughable scenery-chewing.

I think Se7en is better. Silence is great, but I honestly can't think of any flaws in Se7en.

As great as Silence of the Lambs must be, during my first viewing I really couldn't love the film but Se7en, during my first viewing, was just too good! Morgan Freeman + Brad Pitt + David Fincher= Masterpiece!

It is extremely close because in my opinion these are the kings of all thrillers and two of my favorite movies. In the end Silence barely wins.

I never got into Silence of the Lambs during my first viewing but my first viewing of Se7en, I loved it!

Both are among the best crime thriller/horrors I've seen, but I still give the edge to Silence for having better performances all-round (I don't think much of Brad Pitt in Se7en). I mean, Kevin Spacey probably delivers one of his best in this film, but I still think Ted Levine and Sir Anthony Hopkins are just a cut above, if only a cut.

Both are interesting movies, but I feel for now Se7en is better.

Guys, Silence is a consistently better movie from start to finish. If not for it's epic ending, Se7en would be a fairly average movie.

Again, without the ending, Se7en wouldn't be any more special than movies like Kiss the Girls or Along Came a Spider.

No contest here. Silence of the lambs is a masterpiece, seven is pretentious garbage.

Pretentious? Really? I don't think it's pretentious, at all. What did you find pretentious about it?

I think it's a great thriller that knows it's a great thriller.

Hell, I'd argue it's the best thriller ever made. I love Silence of the Lambs too, though.

(Or at least the best I've seen, hehe. Speaking of thrillers, I'm about to watch The Sixth Sense :V)

Maybe I'm being a little harsh on Seven but compared to SOTL it oozes inferiority. Its characters are one dimensional, the script is solid but cliched. The philosophical rants between Freeman and Pitt most notably come to mind. Its a good thriller with its best achievement being its cinematography in my opinion.

Hannibal Lecter is overrated, the film seems like a mess, it has some great moments (Bill's dark dungeon etc.), bad ending, not Oscar-worthy Jodie Foster performance imo, only good parts about it are when Buffalo Bill takes center stage so Silence of the Lambs is very overrated. Se7en is not, John Doe is the greatest villain ever, Se7en has a great story, great partnership Pitt+Freeman, spectacular (maybe the best ever) ending. Se7en is a masterpiece in every way, Silence of the Lambs isn't.

It's been a while since I've seen Silence, but as great as it is, I don't think it beats Se7en.

Se7en definitely is the better film. I'm surprised a lot of people think other wise. The truth is... Se7en annihilates.

I am truly both shocked and appalled when I see Se7en not only beating Silence, but beating it badly. Please go back and watch Silence again. PLEASE. For the record, I consider Silence of the Lambs to be one of the ten best movies ever made. Se7en is very good, but no quite on the level of Silence. I'd give Se7en 7 or 8 out of 10, whereas I'd give Silence 9 or 10 out of 10.

Its just the comments have been more in favor of seven. I don't think it represents the voting that well.

Yeah man, opinions, gotta hate 'em.

C'mon guys let's face it... Se7en owns in absolute heavy handed fashion.

13 : 23 ?! Blame it on the double votes :V

Back to back on my list. Silence has the very slight edge.

Se7en was better all round.

Silence of the lambs is more iconic.

SOTL wins here, even if by just a bit. Both are some of the best thrillers ever made and highlights of the great films the 90's had to offer. Tough, but im sticking by SOTL here.

SOTL wins here, even if by just a bit. Both are some of the best thrillers ever made and highlights of the great films the 90's had to offer. Tough, but im sticking by SOTL here.

I am not the biggest fan of either. The Silence wins

Se7en. It's not just about the murders. It is, above all else, a pessimistic view on society. The murders aren't meant to provide entertainment. They symbolize the decay of moral values. A great movie.

Both great disgusting films right here I'm pretty sure that I'm going with Silence of the Lambs but Se7en is still really good

The Silence by far

Silence of the Lambs of course.

Jeffrey And Brandon's Mom Ms. Carmen Watched The Silence Of The Lambs On VHS Back In 1992.

"Se7en" has a better plot, and "Silence of the Lambs" is more repulsive than the former. "Se7en" is too smart to a fault -- the shocking twists and turns are almost contrived --, while "Silence of the Lambs" is simple but enigmatic -- it holds back a lot of mystery and horror. I go with SOTL.

Two good serial killer films. Se7en is my pick

a very tough deceision for me silence is a bit better acted movie

Silence of the Lambs gets my vote

Se7en is the more impressive film despite not having the more influential villain.

Se7en is one of the thrillers that left the biggest impression on me. I thought Silence of the Lambs was decent but there was nothing to really draw me back in for a second viewing.

Rob said it best. Seven wins but it's close.

Se7en is a fucking bad overrated one. On the other hand, Silence of the Lambs is way better than The Godfather. The Godfather! No contest. Not even close.

I cried when I've seen Se7en winning this one.


Two of my favorite thrillers. Se7en has the edge.


se7en is just like a horror film, TSOTL is overrated in my opinión, with a better director, it might be maginificent, it´s a great film but seven wins

really close, but i prefer silence's interplay between clarice and lecter

silence easy

Silence is the better psychopath here.


Silience of the Lambs is the superior thriller.

Seven is a superficial, pseudo-intellectual treatment of a deep topic. Silence doesn't aim for the same lofty ground, but it doesn't come off as this quasi-profound crap. And it isn't handicapped by including Brad Pitt in the cast.

Two titans of the thriller industry, and both in my top 10 (for now). In my opinion, Se7en has a far superior atmosphere, a more visible philosophy, a stricter script and an astounding ending (although it doesn't rely on this ending to retain its brilliance). The Silence of the Lambs has a flawless performance by Anthony Hopkins, iconic score, more tense tone and (slightly) better dialogue. In the end, Se7en wins by a box, but The Silence of the Lambs is still revolutionary, brilliant and could very well outrank Se7en in time (in my opinion).

Silence of the Lambs, much more enjoyable for me.

The two best thrillers from the 90s. These are two really great films that have great suspense, characters, directing, etc. I like Seven slightly better.

The two most dissturbing films I've seen. I love Se7en but to me TSOTL is an abolute masterpiece. Going with Silence.

Silence. Se7en was too gimmicky for me.

Seven stuck with me longer so Seven it is.

Silence of the Lambs for the slight edge and win to me

I'm definitely a bigger fan of Silence of the Lambs, but I generally find David Fincher movies to be pretentious and obnoxious (other then Zodiac which I actually quite like). Outside of the stupid bait-and-switch in the clmiax, Lambs is much more restrained and less preachy.