The Silence of the Lambs vs. The Shining



I'm kind of surprised no one's commented on this match-up...Anyways, Kubrick wins for relying on atmosphere and tension although Demme shouldn't be dismissed.

I agree with emkang. The Shinning has the creepy atmosphere nailed, and as I always say, nostalgia trumps all for me, and the Shinning was one of the first scary movies I ever saw.

Good Clash! Both of them are Scary,scary thrillers with a great sense of immersion n' atmosphere. I agree with my fellow reviewers and gotta give this to The Shinning, you can't be craziest than Jack on this one.

Both great classics! But Kubrick's The shining wins here for me. "Here's Johnny!!"

The Shining is more entertaining than Silence of the Lambs.

Not too difficult, at first it seems like a tough choice but the Shining is clearly superior in my eyes, not that I harbor dislike for The Silence of the Lambs.

The Shining was great, psychological fun the first time I saw it. But I'm never in the mood for it anymore except around Halloween time. I can watch Silence anytime and enjoy it.

The Shining by far. Anthony Hopkins was amazing though.

silence of the lambs

Ill pick The Shining because if it wasnt for Hopkins Silence would have sucked.

Silence of the Lambs. I also enjoyed the Shining, even though I'm not a Kubrick fan.

Silence of the Lambs! The Shining stinks!

The Shining it is. But extremely tough decision...

The Silence of the Lambs is so much more unsettling. It's an easy winner here.

Gotta go with the silence of the lambs


Silence of the Lambs is simply the far better film.

The Shining. Period

I've gotta give it to The Shining.

Jack Torrance has nothing on Hannibal Lecter.

I'm just going to bash your brains in.

Deranged Hopkins beats psychopathic Nicholson this time around.

Shining was made better.


The Silence of the Lambs. I changed my mind

The Silence of the Lambs. I changed my mind

Why do I always accidentally vote twice

Silence is overrated. Shining is better

The Silence is in my top 10, but...THE SHINING ALL THE WAY

Danny, how can you call any film in your own top tem, overrated??? I mean you yourself say that it's one of your ten favorite films... so how can you call it overrated?

No, haha. How i can say this ? LoL. I'm mad. For some reason, i say this, i no know

i would go with Silence but both are in my top 50, there's no real wrong choice

The Shining crushes Silence of the Lambs for me.

It's the matchup to finally close my top 10. Goin' with The Shining because I've watched it a lot more and it means more to me.

The Shining wins.. Silence of the Lambs is in my top10 at the moment, but The Shining IS the movie that has gotten me into movies and is my all time favourite movie. Btw, both Hopkins and Nicholson were amazing portrayals off psychotic characters.

The Shining is my kind of horror and one of my favorites. Silence was amazing but not as amazing as the Shining.

Silence is great, Shining is perfect.

the one with five oscars the shining is good though .