Only God Forgives vs. Spring Breakers



Pretty, purple neon. Gorgeous cinematography + gorgeous skanks (+ gorgeous music) > gorgeous cinematography. Who knew Harmony Korine could actually make a good movie?

They sure look nice, but they aren't good. Well, at least I didn't like them. Only God Forgives is definitely the better shot of the two, but it said "fuck all" to characters. The only actor in the film that has something resembling a personality is Kristin Scott Thomas, and she's probably the best part of the film (next to the look of the film). And, y'know, the symbolism with the hands. Cuz, he's God. No, wait, the sheriff ninja guy is God. Stare. And then he loses his hands. I mean, wow, you guys. Yeah, I'm mean, but I surprisingly didn't hate or even dislike it. I felt completely indifferent towards it. I don't think it's the trainwreck a lot of critics are making it out to be, but I also don't think it's a subtle masterpiece. Spring Breakers was more annoying. The characters were a bit more interesting I guess, but I didn't like how it was shot, I didn't like how it was edited and I didn't like how it was...I dunno, told? Some of it worked, some of it felt like a film student experimenting too much. "I wish you were here" YES, I GET IT, JUST STAHP. Only God Forgives gets my vote for not being annoying, I guess. Selena Gomez is older than me. I still can't believe that.

Two very divisive movies of 2013. I didn't love or hate either, but just thought they were pretty good. Great cinematography and soundtracks in both as well, but they had flaws too. I think I'll pick Only God Forgives for now because Spring Breakers felt a little repetitive to me in the second half.

Spring Breakers is obnoxious, repetitive and pretentious, also containing the wit, intelligence and general "aesthetic" of your average Selena Gomez softcore-porno style music video with the most obnoxiously revolting colour grading. The only reason I could see any sensible human being enjoying Spring Breakers is for the same reason your average college masturbator enjoys going through a playboy magazine. Only God Forgives, while a failure in many respects has a bit more maturity and restraint in comparison to Harmony Korine's headbangingly stupid farce. I'll take the more restrained out of these two pointless wastes of time.