Requiem for a Dream vs. Fight Club




Fascinating match-up. Requiem for a Dream edges out Fight Club, imo.

I have to disagree. Fight club is a movie I can't keep my eyes away from no matter how many times I see it. It does get a bit absurd the it goes along but it's just too enjoyable to lose to requiem.

Fight Club.

Fight Club, for sure.

In Tyler we trust.

As great as fight club is it doesn't compare to Requiem. As bleak as it is Requiem is one of the most beautiful looking films ever and possibly the greatest anti-drug movie ever made.

Requiem by a yard....

Fight Club

Ass to ass loses to Tyler Durden.

Difficult to choose, here. Hmm... I have to go with "Requiem for a Dream" - that's a "ones in a lifetime", "chills all over" kind of movie.