Requiem for a Dream vs. Trainspotting



How can I choose between these two?? Uuuuugh!


I have to go with Trainspotting because I can stand watching it more than once. Although it was a good movie, I wanted to kill myself after Requiem.

I agree,Requiem is so hard to rewatch,But I liked it better.


Both films are in my top 100 but Requiem is hard to beat.

Both of these are very good movies. Normally, when faced with a toug decision like this, I go with which one I would want to watch again more than the other. That would be Trainspotting. But then I think of the reason why I don't even need to watch Requiem for a Dream again, and that reason is because the movie is permanently seared into my brain. Requiem wins, but Trainspotting is very good, too.

Probably 2 of the best drug-addiction movies. Ugh how am I supposed to choose...

I feel dirty after watching both, both are amazing, but going with Requiem here.

Going with Trainspotting.

Both very close to each other. Trainspotting is a lot more entertaining, but Requiem is a lot more harrowing (although not as harrowing as I thought). A very close call, and while I did enjoy Trainspotting a lot more than I thought I would on first time viewing as I felt it got the balance between humour and drama right, and I do love Danny Boyle, I am going to go with Requiem on this one. The editing and cinematography are much more vivid and diverse, adding to the sense of unease.

Trainspotting wins. Great stuff per usual from Danny Boyle...

I should probably see Trainspotting again, but for now, I'll go with Requiem.

I'm gonna have to go with trainspotting just because I prefer the characters. They are both brilliant films though.

Trainspotting invites you to take a look at how ugly addiction is but it also shows us why these guys got so into the shit in the first place. Plus, you get to laugh. Plus, awesome music. Plus, it's a visual treat. Requiem takes things too far, I think. I'm not squeamish, it's just that at the end of it all, all I could think was, "I get the point." Not a bad movie, at all, but it ain't beating Trainspotting.



Requiem is one of the greatest films about drug abuse. Trainspotting is excellent, but not nearly as good as Requiem.

Danny Boyle's work on Trainspotting is stronger and more disciplined than what Darren Aronofsky did with Requiem for a Dream. I get what Aronofsky was trying to accomplish shooting his film the way he did, but it all ended up looking like a feature-length music video. If it wasn't for Ellen Burstyn's poignant performance, none of this ADHD-addled film would've sunk in for me at all. I echo everything that ToryK said about Trainspotting. It's just plan superior storytelling.

Although they're both excellent portrayals of drug addiction, it's not even close for me. Requiem is so much better in my opinion. It really stays with you.

Requiem for superior editing and cinematography

Good match up, great discussion. Im gonna go with Trainspotting because i prefer the characters & soundtrack. Tough one though.

Funny that this would come up for me, since both movies are basically the same thing. However, one has a happier ending, while the other is tragic. I'm going with the more realist film.

Two of the all time best movies about addiction

Requiem for a Dream is laughable. It always shocks me how much praise it gets as well as the fact that it has gained this reputation as a film that is considered to be emotionally devastating beyond belief. Oh well, I suppose it goes to show that all you need to emotionally devastate people is loud noises and a constant usage of, admittedly effective, albeit oversentimental and melodramatic orchestral music. Although Trainspotting has a similarly frustrating music video style throughout and has an unfortunately optimistic ending, any moment of tragedy is infinitely more effective than any of the most depressing scenes in Requiem for a Dream. That and every actor in Trainspotting is so much more memorable and effective than the majority of the cast in Requiem for a Dream, even though I did like Ellen Burstyn quite a bit.

Not an easy choice! I have to vote "Trainspotting" here. "Requiem for a Dream" is a better movie, I think, but I can never watch that one again.