The Thin Red Line vs. Full Metal Jacket



This is a tough one, but I think I have to go with Full Metal Jacket. My mind wanders a bit during Thin Red Line, and not in a good way.

My two favorite war films. I'm more partial to TTRL, but FMJ is probably a greater film.

Full Metal Jacket is one of my least favorite of Kubrick's movies, but The Thin Red Line is rambling and dull. I have no interest in listening to a bunch of characters I don't care about meander on for three hours, no matter how pretty the scenery is.


Full Metal Jacket has a strong first half but Thin Red Line is brilliant throughout.

I'm an enormous Kubrick fan, but Kubrick's FMJ loses to The Thin Red Line.

What the fuck is happening here? TTRL is BORING (you know, excepting the truly amazing photography). FMJ is a great fucking film and it's about the "duality of man", haha. Duality of Maaaaan!!!

I know Thin Red Line doesn't work for everyone. Nothing really happens, you just listen to people talk for a very long time. But if you let it, I think it can be one of the most moving war films ever made. It was for me. Full Metal Jacket is a strong film, and I think the second half gets too much shit, but TTRL is just something else.


Bold filmmaking. Full Metal is in my top 20, so it easily gets my vote. Red Line is a great film, but my interest waned throughout the last half hour. Its self indulgence could get distracting.

Full Metal Jacket is definitely weaker Kubrick- still very good, but weaker than the majority of his films. It loses to The Thin Red Line.

I think that Full Metal Jacket seemed to be the more real version of war time and better production even though Red Line had the Talent and grand visuals FMJ is superior.

The Thin Red Line is very good, but it has nothing on the Kubrick.

FMJ for superior pacing, length, and dark comedy. Kubrick is still one of the masters.

full metal jacket is easily one of kubrick's worst, though still great

Greatest War Movie ever, Malick's The Thin Red Line.