The Thin Red Line vs. Apocalypse Now



I really don't like The Thin Red Line.

They are both in the discussion for best war film, along with Platoon and River Kwai, but Apoc wins because of it's insanity. It's basically insanity over Poetry.

Sorry, but i just like Thin Red Line more. Both great movies and i cannot actually decide why i like one more than the other.

Bot are terrific in every way, but Apocalypse Now just edges out Malick's second best film.

my 2 favourite war films ! I have to give it to apocalypse now

Malick over Coppla. Gotta do it...

Apocalypse Now! right now.

Come on, The Thin Red Line wishes it were the masterpiece Apocalypse Now is.

Compared to Apocalypse Now, The Thin Red Line is an errand boy . . .

both are great war movies, but i much prefer malick's style to coppola's

Operating from their war-ravaged backdrops, both films go on to assess deeper truths about human conflict in general, though The Thin Red Line was much more successful in this regard, as Malick had a better understanding of his vision. Apocalypse Now conveyed a rather ambiguous message, and I have a feeling Coppola didn't intend it that way.