Un Chien Andalou vs. Eraserhead



Two towering triumphs of surrealistic cinema. While one could argue Un Chien is far more influential and important since it basically introduced surrealism to cinema audiences, Eraserhead stands the test of time far better - both for creepiness/shock value, and as a truer expression of the subconscious.

Same fucking thing. Don't know what piett was talking about though. Truer expression of the subconscious? Bollocks.

I adore both films but Eraserhead is my third favourite film of all time. So, despite the excellence of Un Chien Andalou, Eraserhead is an unparalleled achievement.

Watch Eraserhead and afterwards it will stay somewhere in your brain forever! This film was David Lynch's directorial debut and is still one of his best films, to me watching it I was at first confused by the weirdness but I managed to embrace it and I can easily say that the horror atmosphere has never felt so deep and good, I really felt home. This film describes how your subconscious can create these surreal and grotesque yet terrifying images that all have their meaning and their place because they come from you... This film is a wonderful study of psychology throughout horror, the horror in Eraserhead comes from Henry's perspective and interpretation of his surroundings and his life, it can be as real as he wants it to be but it can also be an illusion.

This film also wants to tell you that whenever there is life and you can feel emotions, there is hope which is what make us live.