Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith vs. The Dark Knight Rises



I enjoy watching Revenge of the Sith a little bit more than Rises.

"When Star Wars is have my permission to die."

Christensen's acting just kills the prequels for me, especially this film, just so distractingly bad on so many levels.

I like Revenge of the Sith just a little bit better.

Nolan's let down film falls victim to the "curse of number three" while Sith is the best of the new trilogy but that's not exactly saying much.

TDKR easily destroys the trilogy curse that every comic book trilogy experienced before this, providing memorable characters and story elements that make for an extremely satisfying experience.

Every comic book trilogy? Wasn't there only one of those besides Batman?

Raimi Spider-Man, Singer/Ratner X-men, Blade and soon Iron Man. Eh, I wouldn't call it a "curse". Every trilogy has a weak link, even Nolan's Batman trilogy. I say it's Batman Begins, although many say Rises. Is there a consistent (good) trilogy out there?

Oh yeah, I forgot about those except for Spidey. A good consistent trilogy? I say The Man With No Name trilogy, LotR, Evil Dead, Toy Story, and Back to the Future. Those are my favorites, but that's just me.

I suppose the obvious ones are the LOTR and the Toy Story trilogy and the Dollars trilogy if you count it, some say Kieslowski's Three Colors is tainted by White, while it's probably the weakest I still found it to be pretty good. Where you just talking about comic book trilogies? If so, just disregard this comment lol

Not really, although Squaremaster was. The Toy Story trilogy is probably the most consistent, although definitely not animation-wise, lol. I used to think the LotR was consistent, but nowadays not really. I think that TTT is too boring and RotK too flawed. Gimli and Legolas became stereotypes in the last two, whereas they weren't in FotR. It's still relatively consistent compared to most other trilogies though.

"They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!" Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I get what you meant now, a trilogy where each one is as consistently as good as the other? I love the LOTR trilogy but I did think the Fellowship was the strongest of the three I suppose, Toy Story is the only one I can think of right now that's consistently great and it would be tough to pick a favorite from.

Talking about the most consistent trilogies, to me they are 1) LoTR (perfect from start to finish), 2) Indiana Jones (first three, yes I love TOD) and 3) Toy Story (perfect from start to finish) In terms of this match up, both are weak but boy, ROTS feels like a great film compared to the previous two but still SUCKS! Rises it is

Revenge of the Sith wins here at any day.

As flawed as the Dark Knight Rises was, Revenge of the Sith is just downright bad.

I really like Revenge of the Sith but The Dark Knight Rises wins for sure here. Both were great conclusions to their respective series.

Darth Vader VS Bane..............................VADER

"Darth Vader" VS Bane, if you could actually call that Darth Vader. To me it was just Christensen trying to act like Vader but failing miserably in the attempt. Episode III is clearly the strongest one of the prequels (by like a gazzillion landslides) but it`s not even close to The Dark Knight Rises for me. "The Fire Rises".

Episode 3 had overall visual moments just somehow the better third film effort but as the dark knight rises is just too flawed and mostly been ruined the trilogy.

how tf does rises ruin the tirlogy