Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith vs. Star Wars: The Force Awakens



How convenient for my first match-up for TFA! Perhaps I had a late surge of hype in the run-up to see TFA forgetting the minimum requirement that I was expecting; to at least get a decent, fun, technically competent movie if not an entirely compelling one. In that respect, I got exactly what I was expecting, but I don't feel like I got anything else out of it. Make no mistake, this is very much a return to the classic Star Wars formula, but I feel like the film was playing it too safe. The cast acquit themselves admirably, the technical side of things is as refreshingly organic as one could hope for and there were plenty of moments where I got the chills. But looking back, I can't point to anything that I would call "the defining moment" other than some twists which I saw coming for a while but won't spoil here at this stage. It goes without saying that it's a better movie than all the prequels combined, including the "best" of them here, but it's still a way off from the quality of the original trilogy. I am keen to see where the series goes from here especially now that other directors apart from J.J.Abrams (who is aptly demonstrating that he, like the George Lucas of the 1970s and 80s, has enough energy and technical insight to make a reliable entertaining blockbuster but doesn't have the vision or ambition to go any deeper) are lined up to helm the sequels and I'm keen to see where the younger cast go from here, especially Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver who give the film's best performances by far (even if, in the case of Ridley, hearing a middle class west London accent in the Star Wars universe not coming from a villain or elderly supporting character feels a bit incongruous). TFA was good, and definitely beats RotS, but it's not at the level of the original trilogy.

I can't compete with Smatticus; so I'll just say...The Force Awakens beats any of the prequels, despite the way I used to overrate it.

Force Awakens is the consensus best Star Wars movie since 1983. FAR better than all the prequels combined.

From my personal experience, most people see Revenge of the Sith as either the "least bad" or "least good' Star Wars film. I'm of the latter group. And The Force Awakens, at least after the first viewing, disappointed me considerably. The new characters (with the exception - kinda - of Rey) are effectively Mary Sues with no real personality, the old characters aren't doing enough (one in particular comes to mind, appearing only in the last minute and having no actual lines), the story is Episode IV rehashed with SOME twists and turns, the villain of Kylo Ren had so much potential but was given the wrong casting (dare I say just as poor as Hayden Christensen's portrayal of Anakin), and a certain very controversial decision was, in my opinion, not executed well at all. This is coming from someone who, despite loving Star Wars and knowing much of the Expanded Universe, refuses to call himself a "fan". I didn't want the original trilogy formula with these new films, but I didn't want the prequels either. I wanted a new and different story told with the same energy and feel of the original trilogy. The Force Awakens did not do this at all. Thus, I have to say that Revenge of the Sith is a better film. Despite all of its acting flaws, at least the characters had real, well, characteristics! At least the story was well written, the action more unique, and the atmosphere far more genuine and real than the almost plastic, purposefully-trying-to-be-nostalgic feel of The Force Awakens.

Force Awakens has the high ground.

Revenge of the Sith is easily the best prequel, but that's not really saying much. The Force Awakens kicks its ass.

Both have some truly great moments and sequences, and both have their respective shortcomings. For me, this ultimately comes down to Obi-Wan vs. Vader vs. the fun of Han & Chewie together again and Rey. Going with REVENGE OF THE SITH this time, but it's close enough I may easily flip flop in the future.

Revenge of the Sith is more than a satisfying ending to an otherwise questionable series, but The Force Awakens is on a better level technically and story-wise.

Revenge of the Sith was the only decent film of the prequel trilogy, but it stands no chance against The Force Awakens. Effects, sets, dialogue, acting, action - everything is just so much better in the newest entry to the franchise.

The Force Awakens, and I'm actually a fan of Revenge of the Sith. Sith's first and second act are somewhat average, while the third is fantastic in every sense of the word. From the moment Anakin turns to the dark side to the moment the end credits roll, it's a masterpiece. However, The Force Awakens is fun and thrilling from beginning to end, and never lets up.

The Force Awakens is the better movie

Hayden Christensen is a terrible Darth Vader, and so even if Revenge of the Sith is superior to the other wretched prequels his presence in the film is still a detriment. The cast in Awakes is better, and Kylo Ren is what I wish Anakin was in the prequels. Whether Awakes overall is better is kind of tough to say. I mean, at least Sith was expanding the Star Wars series rather than ripping itself off like Awakens. The similarities in Awakens to the Original Trilogy are highly distracting, and everything that happens lacks emotional depth. The scene in Sith where Mace is hurled out the window by Sidious has more impact than most anything in Awakens. At best, Awakens sucks less because it didn't take any chances. This is a depressing comparison all around.

The Force Awakens is the chosen one, it brought balance to the series, unlike the prequels that nearly left it in darkness...In other words, The Force Awakens wins!

About Episode III: You know the Empire Strikes Back...I used to like it the most until I saw saw Episode III, and then I was like "You know, Episode III is better, no question". Anakin turning to the dark side, Order 66, the lightsaber duels, awesome. About Episode VII: I expected great things from this movie, but God it disappointed me. It's worse than other bad Star Wars films, like A New Hope and The Phantom Menace. No question, the Force Awakens is by far my LEAST favorite Star Wars film, the worst of them all. Disney, Luke missing, no Sith... there is no question about the Revenge Of The Sith vs The Force Awakens. Sith KILLS Episode 7.

Force Awakens!!

Both movies are good, but Revenge of the Sith could be my favorite Star Wars movie

Sorry, but I have to go with The Force Awakens. Episode III is a moron generation in prequel films.

Revenge of the Sith>The Force Awakens

Revenge of the Sith is a MORON generation!

I can comfortably say these are my faves in their respective trilogies. THE FORCE AWAKENS is considerably less frustrating, but I've discovered I have a closer fondness for REVENGE OF THE SITH.

Looking back this isn't even close. ROTS is leagues better. Reading these comments from 2015 is hilarious.

The Force Awakens is a nice looking movie with plenty of humour and some phenomenal action set pieces. The story is woefully lacking, but it manages to be entertaining nonetheless.

for me revenge of the sith was truly one of the best chapters of star wars if The Force Awakens was just a bad movie