Singin' in the Rain vs. Casablanca



Two American classics. However, I must go with Singin' in The Rain. Casablanca is a great film but I don't find myself adoring it the way most do.

I'll take Bogey over singing and dancing anytime...

I like a good Bogart movie. it balances all the other kinds of movies I like. It's a Classic.

This is almost an impossible choice, but not quite. Singing in the Rain just has more heart.

I like Singing in the Rain a lot but Casablanca is a a sweeping romantic epic!

Singin' on the Rain is infinitely more fun than Casablanca.

Singing in the rain is better of you ask me. Casablanca is not so bad ether


Casablanca is the memorable classic here.

The one deciding factor in this matchup is that Singin' in the Rain has an overlong dance scene, but I still love it overall. Casablanca has no scenes I'd cut from it.