The House of the Devil vs. Drag Me to Hell



Two great throwbacks that should be seen by more people. . .But if we are going to meet the Devil we really should be dragged. . .

I liked the build up for The House of the Devil more than the conclusion. I liked the conclusion for Drag Me to Hell more than the build up. It's easier to forgive the weak climax in The House of the Devil, because the rest of the movie creates a cool mood. With Drag Me to Hell, I didn't care for the repetitive gross-out gags or some of Raimi's attempts at humor (actually, I'm love/hate with Raimi's sense of humor). I'd rather watch The House of the Devil under most circumstances.

I feel like I'm in the minority too, as a lot of the gags Raimi throws out here and in The Evil Dead movies really fall flat to me. I liked "The House of the Devil" for its tense build up, and seemed to appreciate the climax more than most others ... even if the final "twist" was pretty stupid.

Two awesome movies. I'll go with Raimi on this one, but only by the smallest of margins. More people really need to see "House of the Devil."

House was a bore, but at least it was sincere and had its creepy moments. Drag Me To Hell was merely disgusting. Who is entertained by endless vomit gags and no scares whatsoever? Some "horror" movie Raimi. Horribly gross and disappointing perhaps.

House of the Devil. Awesome.