The Patriot vs. Braveheart



Mel Gibson historical dramas, huh? Well, this is no contest.

The Scottish beat the Americans here...

The Patriot feels like a faulty clone in comparison to Braveheart.

Braveheart is much better

I hated The Patriot.

I have to say that I enjoyed The Patriot more than Oscar winner Braveheart. Maybe it was the endings of the two films that did it for me. End Braveheart 20 minutes and it's a different story.

Mel Gibson's two greatest movies, but I have to go with Braveheart

The Patriot is solid. Braveheart is epic....

Im gonna vote American

The Patriot was a pretty lame retread of Braveheart, IMHO. Braveheart wins in the areas of scenery, score, romance, and dialogue, and contrary to what Bobert said, I thought it had a more memorable and inspiring ending. The only thing The Patriot really had going for it was its villain: Jason Isaacs was freaky as all get out as Tavington, one of my favorite movie baddies.

The Patriot is good in a 'guilty pleasure' sort of way, but the magnificent Braveheart crushes it.

They're the SAME MOVIE!

Whatever my list says, but yes... they are the same movie :)

Braveheart wins eaily. The patriot is basically braveheart 2.0

these are two great movies. Weapon is Mel's best for sure. Braveheart is the better of these two

In all honesty Braveheart just felt more complete in my books in that it had a clear beginning and end to the story of William Wallace. That and the hectic "freedom" speech he made, the only piece of criticism I have is the length and how it paces the movie when it comes to how long it is.

The Patriot only because the ending is less depressing and also America > 5000 Scotland's