The Patriot vs. Braveheart



on 8/10/2009

Mel Gibson historical dramas, huh? Well, this is no contest.

on 8/20/2009

The Scottish beat the Americans here...

on 1/25/2010

The Patriot feels like a faulty clone in comparison to Braveheart.

on 2/22/2010

Braveheart is much better

on 5/2/2010

I hated The Patriot.

on 11/2/2010

I have to say that I enjoyed The Patriot more than Oscar winner Braveheart. Maybe it was the endings of the two films that did it for me. End Braveheart 20 minutes and it's a different story.

on 4/18/2011

Mel Gibson's two greatest movies, but I have to go with Braveheart

on 4/18/2011

The Patriot is solid. Braveheart is epic....

on 9/22/2011

Im gonna vote American

on 11/25/2011

The Patriot was a pretty lame retread of Braveheart, IMHO. Braveheart wins in the areas of scenery, score, romance, and dialogue, and contrary to what Bobert said, I thought it had a more memorable and inspiring ending. The only thing The Patriot really had going for it was its villain: Jason Isaacs was freaky as all get out as Tavington, one of my favorite movie baddies.

on 6/27/2012

The Patriot is good in a 'guilty pleasure' sort of way, but the magnificent Braveheart crushes it.

on 7/6/2013

They're the SAME MOVIE!

on 12/12/2013

Whatever my list says, but yes... they are the same movie :)

on 7/2/2015

Braveheart wins eaily. The patriot is basically braveheart 2.0

on 7/8/2015

these are two great movies. Weapon is Mel's best for sure. Braveheart is the better of these two

on 8/3/2018

In all honesty Braveheart just felt more complete in my books in that it had a clear beginning and end to the story of William Wallace. That and the hectic "freedom" speech he made, the only piece of criticism I have is the length and how it paces the movie when it comes to how long it is.

on 8/4/2018

The Patriot only because the ending is less depressing and also America > 5000 Scotland's