The Texas Chain Saw Massacre vs. Raging Bull



This is what I find so wonderful about Flickchart: a matchup like this. I will fully acknowledge that Raging Bull is the "better" film. I would go so far as to say it's technically one of the greatest films ever made. But that's not what Flickchart is about; I see it as a place to express what MY personal preferences are. And I have to give it up to TCM. It's gritty, horrifying and a film that I could put on enjoy anytime. For its genre, it's simply one of the best ever, and I think Tobe Hooper's direction is sorely underestimated. So, it may be slightly blasphemous, but I give the edige to the Chainsaw!

Both films portray men who are more like monsters. One of them is made with a messy and balls-to-the-wall approach and the other is majestic and grand. I prefer how delicately Raging Bull's directing is.

The Texas chainsaw massacre by an inch

Texas Chain Saw Massacre by a lot

Raging Bull wins for me

Raging Bull is an overrated piece of s**t.