The Texas Chain Saw Massacre vs. Jaws



Aww man, tough, both are the best horror movies of the 70's...I going to give to Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Jaws, easily. The Texas...was so boring.

Tommy, I'm pretty sick of people saying they were bored watching a movie and act like that's a legitimate criticism. I don't give a crap if you were bored. Objectively, the movie works as being horror with the build up, sets, sound effects and all that. Saying it bored you is a nothing Criticism.

The texas chainsaw massacre ez

Jaws is not a primary horror film though, it is a secondary type of horror film, it has horror elements but it lacks of consistency in the film, Jaws is more of Drama/thriller film.

I think Jaws had more kills and blood! Jaws also wins cause of the soundtrack and score.