Superman vs. X-Men: The Last Stand



My 27,000 ranking. What an easy chocie of a super-hero mash/match-up!

I like Last Stand but Superman Kills all mutants here.

The Last Stand. Definitely not the best X-Men film but I'm not too big on the old Superman films.

Superman 78 does make my honorable mentions list of overrated CBM's, but X3 is among one of the legit worst in the history of the genre.

I really like the original Superman. It may not be among my all-time favorite superhero movies, but I do think it's the most well made of the genre (along with TDK). Also The Last Stand is one of the worst (superhero) movies ever made. It's writing, directing, and execution are laughably awful.

Rest In Peace Richard Donner. With that said, Superman is way better than The Last Stand

Superman does nothing for me. The Last Stand wins.