Shanks vs. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre



This is actually a really tough call to make. I mean, obviously, Texas Chainsaw Massacre wins based on title alone (plus, it's really the better movie), and it does provide you with more scares and gore, so it looks like on paper it'd have an easy win, right? If you've ever seen Shanks (and I'm thinking only about six people actually have), there's a terrifying sense of uneasiness running throughout the movie, where you just feel completely uncomfortable watching it. Part of it could be the fact that it features a middle-aged man who never speaks having a disturbingly obsessive relationship with an underage girl, and part of it could be the fact that it stars a mime. Do you prefer your horror fear-inducing or dread-inducing? Again, I have to resort to which one I'd rather watch again. I'm going with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and praying that whatever pit of Hell Shanks was dragged from (somewhere in France, I'd wager), comes to reclaim that film so it can never traumatise people again.