The Lion King vs. Toy Story



Probably the two best Disney movies, but these is a distinct 1 and 2.

Lion King, in my opinion, is the ultimate Disney movie.

wow ... my childhood just shattered now that I have to choose between two of the best Disney Movies

Lion King > Toy Story

My Two Favorite Animated Movies of all time you really make my nose bleed but i think The Lion King is the one true King of Animated Movies because i think everything about it is perfect

Both are amazing but I have to go with The Lion King just because I watched it more as a kid.


It's the ciiiircle of liiiiifffe!!! *Insert background singers here* Gotta love it.

2 movies from my childhood... I always preferred Buzz & Woody

Best Disney movie: The Lion King.

As far as animated films go, it's damn near impossible to beat The Lion King. In fact, so far, only one Pixar film can do it. It's not Toy Story.

Both are brilliant, but only one of them adds a masterpiece soundtrack to an adaptation of "Hamlet." "The Lion King" wins this round.

I recently watched toy story, and it still holds up. I haven't watched Lion King in at least 10 years. Would have to go with the toys

CGI animation is really pissing me off at the moment with every single one being released in a 3D that it doesn't even use. And even though Toy Story was far before the present 3D age, let it be known that CGI ANIMATION WILL NEVER SURPASS THE SHEER WONDER AND ART OF EITHER 2D OR STOP-MOTION ANIMATION. No matter what the CGI film, I shall always choose the opposite if it is in 2D or Stop-Motion because...well...they just require more talent to make. Enough said.

Two of the best animated films ever made. The difference that cut the deal for me was the animation style. Nowadays the animation in Toy Story is outdated, while Lion Kings animation is and will always be amazing. Both movies have great music, but Lion King's score is better.

Definitely the lion king. It has a stronger more definite message, and it's an awesome movie! i love that it has just the right amount of action, drama, and comedy!

I love me some "Toy Story," but Disney has yet to top "The Lion King."

It's a toughy, but I think I'll choose Toy Story.

Dang this is hard! Toy Story wins........

Had to go with Toy Story, I just don't feel like the Lion King holds up as much after seeing it on blu-ray. The story is way too crammed in.

Agree 100%. Lion King doesn't hold up for me either. Just another cartoon. Toy Story wins...

You've got a friend in me! The Lion King was brilliantly animated, scored, and had a great story. I felt Timon and Pumbo took away from the greatness at some points though. Toy Story wins.

Lion King wins but both are awesome and in my Top 10 of all time.

Oh boy.

Two of the greatest animated films of time and two childhood favorites, gotta go with Toy Story.

Toy Story by a long margin. There's heaps of animated films that surpass Lion King in greatness.

I'm going with Lion King. Toy Story was truly a film that ushered in a new era for animation but I felt the story was somewhat lacking.

Toy Story is closer to my heart, but I think The Lion King might be the (slightly) better film.

The Lion King was fun and entertaining, but I feel that it's no where near Disney's best films. If this was Toy Story going up against, say, Beauty and the Beast, or The Princess and the Frog, this might be a closer match. Still, Toy Story's poignancy and brilliance in story and humor are more than enough to top The Lion King.

I can feel emotionally attached to a group of toys more so than with a lion; I always did want a lion as a pet though...I would have named him Percy. Percy the Lion.

Such a difficult decision. They're both equally Disney masterpieces. However, I'm going with Toy Story only because I have much more nostalgia attachment to it.

Lion King is DAMN awesome but Toy Story is to me, Pixar's masterpiece

The greatest animation match up possible...Both top 20 for me but Toy Story is a movie I've seen countless times

This is easy! The Lion King, though still an impressive film, has quite a number of flaws, most notably the genericism of the characters of Scar, Nala and Mufasa. Toy Story, on the other hand, is absolutely brilliant...

These films are insanely close at the top of my list. Both are truly moving with great styles of animation. They have great characters, memorable songs and are 2 of Disney/Pixar's best works. Lion King just clinches it due to the fact that I still cry even though I know what happens

Toy Story edges out the Lion King.

In my personal opinion, if I compare these movies with the following factors. Characthers: Toy Story Animation: The Lion King Story: The Lion King It's like this, the Toy Story Trilogy are my favorite CGI animated movies, The Lion King is my all time favorite animated film.

Jack is wrong. Toy story wins

Now this is a tough one

2 best cartoon movies ever, Lion King Wins

The battle of Disney's finest. Toy Story but barely.


The Lion King was almost perfect. Toy Story was perfect.

I loved both these movies when I was a kid, but Toy Story was my favourite by far. TS for the win!

they are both great and its hard to compare them ....but lion king appeals to me more and would be my choice

OOOOOOOOOOOH!!! IT IS HAPPENING. FLICKCHART BROKEN!!! I know it sounds lame but these ARE equally good and mean equally much to me. Coin toss it the only solution....toy story it is

lion king is AWSOME!...but toy story 1 is my favorite then then 2nd last the 3rd I can't decide

Toy Story wins in my book

My two favourite Disney movies ever! This couldn't be harder... Maybe The Lion King, because of its memorable songs.

The big problem is, TLK has a bunch of flimsy plot-holes that don't work together quite well. It is well known for its strong and powerful emotions, but TS performs extraordinary against TLK since it has amazing emotions as well. Thus TLK looses its biggest upper-hand and loses against TS.

The Lion King

Both outstanding works of animation. I'll side with the king of the jungle.

Toy Story easily

As much as I love the music of Lion King, my toys coming to life when I wasn't around was a fantasy I had as a kid. Toy Story wins by a hair.

Toy Story > Lion King, end of story.

The Lion King of course.

No kidding and not to be a Fanboy but TLK is much better than Toy Story, the story, the characters, it's just a good combination of art and story. Pad: watched this movie over 20 times in my life so I'll be lying to you if I voted Toy Story

Both tough choices, but Toy Story wins.

Lion King is better because it's a classic and Pumbaa is a funny, but Toy Story is also a classic and a great movie

Toy Story is a great Pixar movie, but I think I feel like watching The Lion King one day. Toy Story still wins it.

Hmm, both great choices are tough, but in the end, The Lion King wins here. That's why I have changed my mind.

That's really hard but The Lion King

Two pathetically overrated films, but if I must choose one, I guess I'll go Lion King. I mean the songs were good.

This just HAD to be my first ranking of the day, didn't it...?


Toy Story is certainly the better film.

I really like toy story but I think that the lion king is far better

The Lion King is extremely overrated, just a below average film with an average story. Toy Story is awesome with a great story and unique characters. Easy choice.

Toy Story

To infinity and beyond...

Toy Story is always 1# Disney's best of all.

The Lion King is the best Disney animation and one of the best of all time!

The Lion King is indeed better.

I definitely prefer Toy Story more, but The Lion King is still solid.