The Lion King vs. The Prince of Egypt



I need to watch The Lion King again, as I just rewatched Prince of Egypt, but I recon The Lion King still just edges it. Like I said in my PoE comparison with Hunchback of Notre Dame, PoE's main problem is the fact that the drama is tempered with several out-of-place comedic moments, whereas The Lion King doesn't suffer from that. While I still like Hunchback more than Lion King (even if Hunchback suffers from some out-of-place comedy), Lion King is still a great animated film. In fact, all three are, but I think Lion King wins this particular match up, but only just.

Love The Prince Of Egypt, but i pefer The Lion King in it's story, charcthers, and Songs. I do Like The Prince Of Egypt Animation more than The Lion King.

The Prince of Egypt is really underrated, but it's up against one of Disney's best, so it's not a very fair matchup for it.

This goes to show what happens when you combine the talents of Brenda Chapman and Hans Zimmer and put them in senior positions in their respective departments.

The Lion King is a solid entry in the Disney canon, but it's not even close to the best of Disney's filmography. The Prince of Egypt, on the other hand, stands tall as the best of the Dreamworks Animation films, with beautiful music and songs, great animation, excellent voice acting, and some emotionally stunning scenes. No contest here.

The Lion King is a good movie, but as an animated substitute for Hamlet, it doesn't do all that great a job. The conflicts feel simplified. The Prince of Egypt manages to make the classic biblical story of Moses more complex and more mature. That in itself is an impressive feat. Besides that, The Prince of Egypt manages to be a better movie by taking it's subject matter more seriously. The Lion King drowns itself in comic relief, where as The Prince of Egypt uses its comic relief is never overdone. The Lion King uses many cartoonish assets, where as The Prince of Egypt's sound assets make Egypt seem more real and lifelike. By the end of the story, Moses feels like a much more developed character because the development takes place through out the entire movie, where as Simba's takes place during a talk with generic wise man. All in all, The Prince of Egypt does its job as an animated epic a hundred times better then the Lion King.

No contest here. Prince of Egypt is the superior film.

I really like Prince Of Egypt (I really do have to rewatch it, though), but I loved The Lion King!

The prince of egypt is one of the most underrated films of all time.

The Prince of Egypt is one of the most underrated animated films of all-time. Don't get me wrong I love Lion King just as much as the next guy if you don't include Pixar, this is my favorite from Disney. But The Prince of Egypt is the stronger film because not only is the animation amazing and the acting also wonderful, but it also gives drama that is very powerful and strong. Look the comedy is not the best but it's not meant to be a comedy. It's meant to be a biblical epic drama which it really succeeds at. I'm not the most religious person, but I still love this film because of the messages, the cinematography, the acting, the animation, the songs, Hans Zimmer's amazing instrumental score which remains one of his best works (although Lion King is still Zimmer's magnum opus in his career in my opinion) and the powerful drama which is kind of similar to something like Schindler's List and both somehow have Ralph Fiennes portraying the villain. I have no idea why I didn't enjoy this as a kid. The only reason I can concur is that the songs were hammering the messages in too hard for me but I like the songs now because of how sometimes beautiful they can be. Not only do I think this is the best 2D animated film of all-time but this is just outside my top 3 animated films of all-time. I want Prince of Egypt to get a resurgence as it really earns it. Prince of Egypt is the superior film. While DreamWorks has been hit-and-miss at times films like this and some others like Antz, Bee Movie (hot take on Bee Movie but not in the way you'd expect) and the Kung Fu Panda films show that DreamWorks knows how to make good films. And this is my favorite of all of the films DreamWorks offers.