The Lion King vs. Grave of the Fireflies



Grave of the Fireflies tries so hard to be emotionally wrenching that it ultimately hurts its own cause. It is so persistently miserable, it's difficult to not become a bit numb to it all. The Lion King's somber scenes are more effective specifically because the movie features so many moments of humor, happiness, thrills and, in the end, triumph. Simba wins...

I do agree with the Lion King winning here... no doubt about it but Grave of The Fireflies is an absolutely amazing movie and fufills its purpose. Its supposed to be a really depressing movie because it takes place in a really f***** up time period.


This is pretty much my two favorite animed movies ever. Hard to judge them fairly as I have way stronger nostalgic ties to The Lion King. Nonetheless, my gut says Grave of the Fireflies. That movie wrecked me.

Grave of the fireflies. It's just beautiful to watch.

I like the musical numbers in TLK but GotF is too good of a film.

Lion King is a lot more entertaining, nostalgic and optimistic. This may be true about The Lion King, but Grave of the Fireflies is definitely better.

ohhhhhhhhhh snap they're tied!


i've never loved the lion king, but hotaru no haka is amazing