The Lion King vs. Star Wars



The Lion King.

The Lion King. 2-1.

Star Wars. 2-2.


The Lion King. 3-2

Star Wars 3 - 3

Lion King 4-3

Star Wars 4 - 4

The Lion King 5-4

Star Wars 5 - 5

The Lion King. 6-4

Not even close. . .

lion king 6-4

Star Wars 5-5

Star Wars 5-5

Star Wars 5-5

Star Wars 11 - 6, LEARN TO COUNT GUYS!

Mufasa might be a bad ass...but he ain't got nothin' on the Force.

The Lion King for me.

Heres where i draw the line. In previous Lion King matchups i picked the Lion King for one simple reason. The original Star Wars was not against it. Star Wars wins by a hair, its my favorite movie ever.

Fuck i never wanted this to go down but Star Wars by a very tiny margin.

The Lion King is quite good for an animated film, but it's no Star Wars.

Lion King 6-4

Star Wars for me as well

Count me in

You summed up perfectly, skywalker.

Star Wars 5-5

The Lion King 6-4

The Lion King 6-4

Star Wars.

"You're my only hope."

Lion King 6-4. The outcome may have been different if it was Empire though.

Star Wars 21 -11.

star wars 5-5

The Lion King!

The lion king is good, star wars is incredible.