The Lion King vs. Beauty and the Beast



on 10/7/2009

My two favorite classic Disney films. Ugh, now THIS is a battle........

on 10/12/2009

Lion King ALL the way. Two great Disney films, though.

on 12/7/2009

Beauty and the Beast is a classic; a wonderful film and the cream of the crop of Disney animated movies. (That Best Picture Oscar nomination was not undeserved.) But The Lion King is absolutely my favorite traditionally animated Disney movie, no question. Definitely a couple of the best of Disney's second Golden Age of animation represented here, though.

on 3/11/2010

My no, 1 Disney film vs no. 2. So yes, I'm voting for my numero uno; Ever just the same, ever a surprise, ever as before, and ever just as sure as the sun will rise.


on 4/14/2010

Great films. Lion King for me.

on 10/14/2010

Beauty and the Beast is one of the top ten movies ever made and by far the best animated film. Lion King might lose this one, but it is a timeless classic as well.

on 10/14/2010

Sicknature? Danish rapper? Whatever, givin' it to the pryde.


on 10/14/2010

Beauty and the Beast is a timeless masterpiece. The Lion King is right on its heals.

on 10/14/2010

Love them both. But I gotta go with 'The Lion King'.

on 10/16/2010

Lion King comes from firmer stock (Hamlet) but becomes a forgetable trudge through hip-high cliches with characters cut and pasted from central casting. Hakuna Matata? Really? Beauty and the Beast might not be the best film ever but it is more consistently itself than the Brooklyn Zoo Players presentation of Hamlet.

on 10/20/2010

Just watched the blu-ray version of Beauty and the Beast and my god does that movie hold up, with the music and story... It might be because I have not seen Lion King in a while, but I have to go with Beauty and The Beast

on 10/24/2010

Beauty and the Beast is good, but The Lion King is great, and my all-time favorite Disney movie. As such, my vote goes with The Lion King.

on 10/26/2010

The article duking these two out seemed reasonable enough.

on 10/27/2010

Lion King has great source material, voice cast, and a memorable score ... but Beauty and the Beast is just the stronger script, as far as I'm concerned, and one of my favorite movies ever.

on 12/19/2010

They're both great, but two things take me out of The Lion King: Elton John, and all the comedy. If you're going to play it dark, do so, and look for comedy that comes out of those situations. Lion King really dumbed itself down with its slapstick comic-relief duo. And as for Elton John, he's just too popstar and recognizable.

on 6/1/2011

The Lion King is far supirior. The Lion King wins for sure.

on 9/24/2011

Really love Beast & do enjoy Lion King... though at least Beast gives it's OG source material credit. No mention of Kimba or Hamlet, Lion King?

on 12/10/2011

I do like the Lion King but some how I find Beauty and the Beast more absorbing.

on 12/10/2011

Definitely going with the Lion King. The Lion King holds its own against any movie out there not just other family and children animated movies.

on 1/9/2012

Ugh, this is torture. However it will be Lion King for me now. However, it'll probably change.

on 1/23/2012

Very difficult match-up! Undoubtedly two of the best Disney movies of all time. True classics. Both are excellent in every aspect, so what it comes down to for me is the soundtrack. I'm giving the edge to The Lion King. Is there a more soaring, epic song in Disney movies than 'Circle of Life'?

on 1/23/2012

I've seen both movies very recently; The Lion King for the third time (but the first time in more than ten years), Beauty and the Beast for the very first time. I had very fond memories of The Lion King, and didn't expect much from Beauty and the Beast because the plot sounded rather trivial. However, after having watched both of them within the span of only a couple of days, I have to give some substantial credit to Beauty and the Beast. While The Lion King hasn't really aged all that well, Beauty and the Beast was surprisingly mature, even the songs didn't seem as out of place as in other Disney movies (including The Lion King). I am actually highly tempted to pick Beauty and the Beast over The Lion King, but for now, my childhood memories will probably still keep the latter in front.

on 3/15/2012

Lion King, easily for me.

on 9/4/2012

Lion King wins its the best Disney movie closely followed by Mulan.

on 3/10/2013

Lion King is a better overall picture than Beauty and the Beast because of the magnificent and powerful score and the overall storyline. Beauty and the Beast has a terrific secondary cast with Angela Lansbury and Jerry Orbach, but Nathan Lane is the best Disney character not named Robin Williams.

on 3/10/2013

Lion King Live is better than Lion King the movie, which is better than Beauty and the Beast.

on 4/21/2013

Lion King is good, but there are too many aspects of the film that are just generic-Disney for me to truly call it a masterpiece. Beauty and the Beast, though it still has some cliche Disney flaws, is a very well done film with great supporting characters and some of the best Disney songs written.

on 4/21/2013

The lion king all the way

on 4/21/2013

The Lion King defeats The Beast....

on 6/16/2013

I probably prefered Beauty and the Beast as a child oddly enough, but given the choice today i'd go for The Lion King.

on 7/7/2013

Excellent Disney films from the early 90s. The Lion King gets my vote in a close one.

on 9/27/2013

The Lion King is million times better, Beauty and the Beauty is too booring and it is only for girls.

on 2/9/2014

Oh man... I'm stuck... As a kid I liked Lion King slightly more, but now I like them pretty much the same.... This is tough, maybe I'll go with Beauty and the Beast, but tomorrow I may feel different. B&B it is...

on 2/16/2014

It's really hard! The Lion King is a fun film with a dark and complicated theme, such as responsibility, throne, and betrayal. On the other hand, Beauty and the Beast is a fun romantic film with a great moral message and a (bit) touch of feminism.

on 2/16/2014

beauty and the beast for me

on 6/2/2014

Beauty and the Beast is far and away the better of the two films. The Lion King is much more formulaic, does too many things for gags, and unnecessarily squeezes a lot of philosophical BS into the story. Beauty and the Beast is pure story-telling magic and a classic for the ages.

on 8/22/2014

Beauty and the beast had a better score a better story and the way they executed the movie is very sophisticated a lot times better than the lion king, tlk is one of the best disney movies but its too overrated, beauty and the beast takes this one

on 8/22/2014

Lion King, no question

on 11/14/2015

To me, Beauty and the Beast was just an above average generic princess film by disney. The Lion King however, is a strong contender for best animated film ever.

on 1/7/2017

Both great Disney films of the decade, but The Lion King wins easily before I change to Beauty and the Beast. Which Disney film do you like the most?

on 1/7/2017

The Lion King.

on 2/16/2017

Just the classics please.

on 4/13/2018

Lion King is better, but beauty and the beast if very good too, close second.

on 10/26/2018


on 12/10/2018