The Lion King vs. Finding Nemo



These are the two greatest animated films of all time, the best of their respective art forms (hand-drawn and CGI). I love them both dearly, and to have to choose hurts. But, I can do it: I love Finding Nemo just *that* much more...mainly due to the beauty of the animation, more so than any story elements.

wow, this is an extremely hard choice. I'm going to choose the better of the stage musical versions. and of course, The Lion King wins.

these movies would look awsome put together

I'm going with the aquatic epic here. I still remember seeing it in theaters.

Lion King for pure enjoyment. The stampede scene was one of the best animated sequences ever.

Lion King wins, two of my fav animation films

Finding Nemo all day...

The Lion King has a very slight edge here.

The Lion King wins.

Lion King

I'm not much of an animated movie fan, but The Lion King is quite enjoyable. Finding Nemo? Eh, not so much.


Very different animation styles but both are similar in story very heartbreaking and funny- Lion King wins in a very close match up:)

Two of the best Disney films. Lion King might be the best animated film they ever made, while Nemo could be their best Pixar film. Nemo has the stronger story and message of finding what was lost and finding what was taken. The Lion King is Hamlet and although it is a fantastic recreation of the Shakespeare classic.

Hard. But I think the Lion King is more timeless.

Lion King

As much as I enjoy both, I find The Lion King a tad overrated (might be the overplayed songs, or the slightly botched message, not sure). I still enjoy it thoroughly, but Finding Nemo is quite possibly my favourite Pixar film, so it's a relatively easy win here.

not even a hard choice Lion KIng is a top 10 greatest animated film ever! nemo not even top 25 but still great still Lion King is Masterful!

This is going to seem strange, but I think The Lion King would've been much better without Timon and Pumba being so comedic. All the great parts of TLK are brought down once you think of the comic relief. Meanwhile, practically all of Finding Nemo's jokes were relevant and great, and narratively it was wonderful. FN is THE best Pixar movie, hands down, whereas I can think of other hand-drawn Disney films - even other Disney Renaissance films - that can beat it.

I can think of other hand-drawn Disney films that can beat The Lion King, sorry.

Easily The Lion King

I much prefer finding nemo

If many people who are choosing 'Finding Nemo' rather than 'The Lion King' probably should go and watch 'The Lion King' again and then rethink it. There were many touching (epic for me) moments in the movie,and was one of the best classics of all time,i would easily choose 'the lion king' over 'Finding Nemo'. Plus 'Finding Nemo' gets boring when you watch it once you wouldn't probably prefer it watching again or watching the some scenes again rather than 'The lion King'. OR maybe it's just me. Anyway The Lion King is for me!!

very difficult. I think LK had more flaws.

Finding Nemo was the first movie I ever saw and I loved it when I was really young but The Lion King was one of the first movies I saw, I guess The Lion King by a bit

Both fantastic animated films and all time favourites but Finding Nemo just edges for me.

Finding Nemo