The Lion King vs. Shrek



I'm firmly of the belief that choosing Shrek in this instance would be blasphemous.

Blasphemous? Isn't that taking it a bit far? Whatever the case may be, I have to choose Shrek in this instance. The bottom line for me is that I find Shrek more entertaining than The Lion King.

anyone can prefer whatever lol i love shrek, but the lion king was one of my favorite movies when i was little and i still love it!

Meh, "blasphemous" is extreme, I suppose. I can understand why somebody might like Shrek better. I suppose...

The first Shrek was great fun, but Lion King is one of those close to perfect animated movies

I'm sorry but Shrek may be more edgy but The Lion King is simply the better all around film!

@johnmason - I think blasphemous is correct. Lion King is miles above Shrek.


The Circle of Life.

Lion King all the way. Shrek is not funny, and it baffles me how people find it as such

The first Shrek is hilarious, but Lion King is one of the best animated movies of all time.

Shrek. Sorry...I feel like Im the "Armond White" of this VS....

Not even close. Shrek is the best of the series, but it can't match the greatness of TLK.

Agree with John Mason. Shrek may be very entertaining and intelligent, and The Lion King isn't even my favourite Disney film, but it's still an absolute classic in the halls of Disney. Lion King wins.

TheEgant is wise...Shrek wins this sucker.

Shrek seems to lack a little something in this matchup. But then again, I'm a 90s kid. Lion King was our Star Wars.

The Lion King and it's not even close


Another vote for Lion King.

Two classic stories given a great spin (Lion King with Hamlet and Shrek changing the roles in the bedtime story you heard a 1000 times before). I can't believe only two people have chosen Shrek. I think it's better than Lion King in every way. Well, apart from when Mufasa died... that scene is still heartbreaking...


Very easy one. The lion king takes it.

I absolutely hate shrek. Lion king all the way