The Lion King vs. Spirited Away



Miyazaki's finest achievement versus the greatest film from the '90s Disney Renaissance. Spirited Away all the way.

The greatest American animated film versus the greatest Japanese animated film. Though a tough call, I feel that Studio Ghibli's opus magnum is slightly better than Disney's masterpiece.

Spirited Away is great but it is no Lion King.

As some have said already, it's a good matchup. Spirited Away has the edge.

This is very, very difficult. They are both amazing animated films, but I am not sure which one is better. Because of the parts lost in culture, I will go Lion King.

Lion King topples Miyazaki.

I'll go Spirited Away... criminally underrated. Hopefully Miyazaki gets the Oscar this year.

Spirited Away wins here.

Lion King wouldn't even break into my list of the 15 best disney films. Spirited Away was a genre-bursting achievement, a harrowing statement about the human condition.

lion king is good, but i've never understood the love for it. sen to chihiro is one of my favorites